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- limited stock choice LG B1 vs Sony X90J vs TCL C825

meliodes 207 3
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    Hey! I currently live in Georgia and the market in here kinda dead and OVERPRICED. Broke my Q80T few days ago, so I am looking for a new tv, It will be used mostly for gaming (ps5, series x) and late night movies. My options are: B1 ~1700€ X90J ~1700€ TCL C825 ~1000€ Samsung Q80T ~ 1300€ We don't have C1 in here, CX is 2500€ (and is currently on sale for that price). I almost decided to get B1, but it's peak brightness making me nervous. Is it really a problem?
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    It is best to see the brightness in the store what it looks like as far as oled is concerned, Maybe I do not have a very bright room, but it has a bright one, the light comes from the south and the brightness in my oled is set to 50-60%. It is a bit strange for you to elections in the sense of QLED or OLED, because it should be QLED or Nanocell, because these are similar technologies, and OLED is a different dimension :)
    OLED undoubtedly wins in everything except matrix burnout, which can occur in games if you play one game for several hours a day with permanent elements on the screen (afterimages)
    You do not have this problem in LED matrices, but you have other problems. QLED VA matrix has better contrast and black, Nanocell IPS matrix has better viewing angles, nicer colors and does not streak like the VA matrix, which can annoy when gaming.
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    [quote = "meliodes" I am looking for a new TV, it will be used mainly for games (ps5, serial x) and late night movies ... I almost opted for B1 but the peak brightness bothers me. Is that really a problem? [/ Quote]

    Well, it seems to me that this problem does not really exist late at night - especially with the lighting turned off ...
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    This brightness in oleds is greatly exaggerated, it is not so dim. It is true that the new LEDs have a much stronger one, but you will not use the TV in the field as a terrace TV.
    When you look for such a defect in oled, the matrix is shinier, because bright elements are simply reflected in it. And if you do not pay so much attention to image quality, take something with a matte matrix.