Cinema SA-HT850 DVD change

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    I have a PANASONIC SA-HT850 home theater system but I have a DVD player (I do not read DVDs).
    I wanted to buy a new dvd but there was a problem.
    The DVD is powered from the subwoofer with the PANASONIC cable "system cable" ??? (Photo)
    My question:
    Is there an adapter for this connector ???
    What other models have such a connector ???
    Thank you for your help.
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    Such connector has, among others, models: SA-HT870 and SA-HT520.
    I have not met the adapters. But nothing stands in the way of doing it yourself, you need to have only a DVD or subwoofer scheme, where the individual pins of this connector are described.
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    And I have for sale such dvd only that SA-HT870 efficient. Please contact.
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    hello and you can have a cable connecting subwoofer from dvd because I would like to buy,
    I can not find anywhere. greetings