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  • Voltage regulator for the generator
  • A thermometer for the bedroom in the form of a frame
  • Clock with VFD display IVL1-7/5 based on KR145IK1911 and DS32kHz
  • DIY autonomous mower
  • DIY bluetooth jammer, bluetooth jammer - final project
  • Radio without chip
  • Opel Astra H - smartphone door control via bluetooth
  • A simple Tesla music coil
  • Minimal set to flash the LED to the beat of the music
  • System for 1 USD * - TV remote control by piotr_go
  • INTERFACEINATOR - that is, the command center of the Earth differently
  • DIY-A586 v1.9 by piotr_go
  • Power supply 0-30V, 0-8A again Electronic Lab
  • Nixie Clock ESP8266 (NodeMCU, OLED)
  • Thermoelectric generator for uncertain times
  • Simple wall-mounted weather station
  • MicroSD memory card tester
  • Protection against battery discharge. Custom Li-ion powered design.
  • Adapter Game Port - Pegasus
  • LM4702 + SAP15 amplifier - new design
  • Wi-Fi Jammer ( deauthentication attack )
  • Air conditioner driver for Raspberry Pi
  • How to run Apple Airplay on a Raspberry Pi in seven easy steps
  • RFID open lock on Arduino
  • ESP8266 running on battery power for years
  • SMS controlled relay on SIM800L and Arduino Nano module
  • DIY thermal camera on ESP32
  • Open, simple, single-phase electricity consumption meter on the ATM90E26
  • SDR receiver for Raspberry Pi
  • Pigeon: Open Cloud Camera on Raspberry Pi Zero
  • Record overclocking of the Raspberry Pi
  • SMS gateway with web interface on Raspberry Pi
  • LoRa home gateway and sensor system.
  • FM transmitter with RDS on Raspberry Pi
  • Simple DIY electronic fuse
  • Translator of the Morsa alphabet for Arduino
  • OBD-Pi, i.e. vehicle self-diagnosis based on the Raspberry Pi
  • A simple and cheap spot welder
  • Home-made soldering iron for plastic
  • 4,4kW 24V electric go-kart for kids.
  • A water meter with an impulser, i.e. a work of automation - a partisan.
  • Mini robot arduino + control by tablet / android phone
  • 2.2kW ER25 electric spindle from a "dachshund" type motor.
  • Star of Bethlehem LED - own design.
  • The simplest cable for the Bayer Contour TS glucometer
  • PY32F002 - Chinese ARM for 8 cents from PUYA
  • Power Supply Design Notes: Thermal Simulations
  • AC Analysis with PartSim
  • Power Supply Design Notes: Comparing Different Efficiencies of Devices
  • Power Supply Design Notes: Your First Boost Converter
  • [Youtube] How to flash BK7231T smart 2gang switch and free it from the cloud - video guide
  • BK7231 programming via SPI in flash memory mode - Python and Banana Pi
  • Analyzer - meter of 230VAC network parameters - single phase.
  • Tasmota Device Groups - connection of OpenBeken (BK7231T / BK7231N) with Tasmota
  • OpenBeken Command use case -a 'menu' using one button and one LED for 5 relays
  • [Youtube] Firmware change in Tuya relay with busy UART lines
  • [BK7231T] E27 A60-Bulb LED RGBCCT
  • [Youtube] Removing the SMD module and changing the BK7231 firmware in the RGBCW
  • HomeMate Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Smart 4 Gang Touch Switch
  • Tuya 4CH touch switch 10A
  • W800-C400 WiFi/BT microcontroller programming - wm_sdk_w800 tutorial
  • OpenBeken on MOES/Andeli TuyaMCU switch
  • A big test of small antennas for amateur handheld radios 2m / 70cm
  • Nous Smart Socket A1 (BK7231)
  • The 5$ DT-BL10 board (BL602 WiFi & BT), new MCU from Bouffalo Lab