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  • Programming AT89S5x chips with USBasp
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  • Minimal set to flash the LED to the beat of the music
  • System for 1 USD * - TV remote control by piotr_go
  • INTERFACEINATOR - that is, the command center of the Earth differently
  • DIY-A586 v1.9 by piotr_go
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  • LoRa home gateway and sensor system.
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  • OBD-Pi, i.e. vehicle self-diagnosis based on the Raspberry Pi
  • A simple and cheap spot welder
  • Home-made soldering iron for plastic
  • 4,4kW 24V electric go-kart for kids.
  • A water meter with an impulser, i.e. a work of automation - a partisan.
  • Mini robot arduino + control by tablet / android phone
  • 2.2kW ER25 electric spindle from a "dachshund" type motor.
  • Star of Bethlehem LED - own design.
  • The simplest cable for the Bayer Contour TS glucometer