SOLTON Commander 4000s Power Mixer

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    I have bought on eBay a SOLTON Commander 4000s power mixer.

    But, not any document with it.

    So, please, if somebody owns a user manual or schematic diagram for it,

    could he post it on this forum or provide a link where it can be obtained.

    That would be helpful to me, and perhaps to other participants as well.

    Many thanks & regards....
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    After the photos you can see that it is a classic, very intuitive design. Maybe in addition to the built-in delay.
    What are your ambiguities?
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    Thanks for your interest.

    I would be delighted if I could get at least a schematic diagram.

    It is really a good device that I use easily, but, in case of failure,

    I would like to be able to repair it, hence the usefulness of having

    a schematic diagram.

    Thanks again and i wish you a happy new year...