NGK NS11A 8-Wire Probe Pin Assignments for Engines: DAF, Cummins - Vehicle Testing & Solutions

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    Does any of your colleagues know the description of the wires in the NGK NS11A probe used in engines, e.g. DAF or CUMMINS? I mean how it can be checked on the vehicle without dismantling and what possibly breaks down in them, because the modules are operational, but the errors are from the reading from the probes. Instead of buying the whole set, which is very expensive, you could buy the probe itself, but how to check the probe before installing it?
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    Tutaj znajdziesz opis przewodów w twojej sondzie

    Co prawda jest to sonda NGK 6-przewodowa, a nie 8

    NGK NS11A 8-Wire Probe Pin Assignments for Engines: DAF, Cummins - Vehicle Testing & Solutions

    NTK NOx lambda sensors have six cable connections. The heating element is supplied with voltage through yellow and blue. The signal of the pump current flows through the white cable (Ip I (+)) and the green (IP II (+)) cable; the signal of the measurement cell (Vs+) flows through the grey cable. The black cable represents the earth connection for pump and measurement cells.
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    Thanks and for that, but I'll wait maybe someone has a schedule for the 8-wire.
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    Anyone found an 8-wire wiring diagram?
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    It is not very profitable for Dafa, because the Chinese probe costs about PLN 1,000 each, and the original one costs PLN 1,350.
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    I can't help much, but 100% blue and black is a heater.
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    Blue and black is a heater, mine is about 4.2 ?. When applying the voltage of 3 V, it draws about 0.6 A and the sensor heats up, but there was an error in the sensor heater in Dafa.

    Are the resistances and current draw correct? How to check the probe itself if the heater is working?
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    Anyone found an 8-pin layout?