Google Maps and bluetooth, automatic channel switching.

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    Is there an option to set in Google maps automatic switching of the channel to bluetooth audio as there is a command, e.g. to turn right. I listen to the radio or CD and there is a message and on the radio, during the command, I switch the car channel to bluetooth audio as it does for example; yanosik and similar navigations?

    Maybe there is an overlay / app for this?

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    And how do you launch google maps, on your phone or in autoradi?
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    Maps run on the phone on Android (S4) or Android with miu (xiaomi Mi5).
    I drive a little bit to customers for equipment failure and Google maps show the location of given addresses best, they take them practically to the gate and in a city such as Wroc³aw bypass traffic jams. [/ Table]
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    Google Maps at the moment rather do not support the playback of messages through the chat channel, which I also regret a bit because such a function could be useful. The talk channel works in such a way that when the car radio plays (radio station or mp3), when someone calls our phone, the phone starts the sound through this channel and the car radio switches this time to play the sound from the device paired via Bluetooth, in this case the telephone. Yanosik has such a function but unfortunately Google Maps. The only solution is to play the radio / mp3 from the phone and turn on the Bluetooth audio source on the car radio.