LG P700 - phone locked, unknown google account, how to unlock

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    I write because I have a problem as in the subject. My three-year-old Coreczka blocked the phone and Mummy doesn't remember the Google account or password. Please tell me what you can do with it and if you can not lose data. Data in this case are the most important here because on this device the first steps of my Coreczka are registered. please help for which I thank you in advance.
    PS Please answer in a language that the layman understands ;)
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    My wife doesn't even remember the name of the Google account you created, so we won't even get to the questions.
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    Approach the local service and unblock it without any data loss.
    Just tell them not to do Hard reset because then the data will be deleted.
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    As a friend already mentioned, a good website can handle it without losing data.
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    Thank you so much for help. After reading everything about it on the internet and on the forum I did not know that the solution can be so simple. I will let you know what I did on the site. greetings

    Added after 5 [hours] 58 [minutes]:

    Could someone recommend a good service in Krakow because the ones I phoned washed their hands that they will not do it without losing their data. I told them that anyone could do a hard reset at home.