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VORDON HT-869V2 - Connecting an external microphone

krencik 4371 2
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    I have a VORDON HT-869V2 car radio, purchased in spring 2017. The radio has an integrated bluetooth hands-free kit, but the built-in microphone is very weak, it requires bending and speaking loudly to the radio in order to communicate with the interlocutor at all.
    I noticed that the currently sold model of this radio (https://vordon.pl/product-pol-108-Radio-samochodowe-HT-869V2-mikrofon-zewnetrzny.html) already has an external microphone in the set, which I guess is for the task of eliminating the previously diagnosed imperfections of the product.

    I spoke to an authorized service center by phone and the Lord (I have the impression that he is fresh in the subject and without panache) informed me that if a model was sold without a microphone, there was no jack input and nothing could be done about it. He described the models sold in 2017 as the older ones.

    My question is: If in fact the radio does not have a rear jack in for the microphone, does anyone have any experience or idea how to connect an external microphone to this device? Maybe some modification?
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    Moderator of CarAudio
    In such a "Chinese", the basis is a guarantee, and you like in the unit you want to deprive yourself of it? Think twice before disassembling the casing.
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    krencik wrote:
    Maybe some modification?

    Apart from the aforementioned warranty, you can open the radio and solder the microphone directly to the built-in microphone, or you can mount a jack socket on the back of the radio and connect it in the same way.