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[Solved] How to set APN, PASSWORD on VORDON HT-869V2 car radio

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    Artur k.
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    APN is used to connect to the internet via a GSM network, not via WiFi. You got something mixed up.
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    How to do it because I'm green?

    Added after 3 [minutes]:

    How to do it because I'm green? How to set APN, PASSWORD on VORDON HT-869V2 car radio How to set APN, PASSWORD on VORDON HT-869V2 car radio
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    Artur k.
    Admin of Audio group
    I don't know, I don't know how to do it, I don't have it in my hand, I don't see its configuration options. However, I know what APN is and I know it's not for that.
    Does this radio have WiFi at all? Because it doesn't look ...
    The user manual will certainly help.
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    There is no reference in this manual
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    I found something like this may be useful to someone. 1.Connecting the radio:

    black (GND) connect to -12V

    yellow (BATT) connect to + 12V directly to the battery

    red (ACC +) connect to + 12V through the ignition switch.

    2. Button Backlight:

    ILLUMI connector should be connected after + 12V dipped beam. Then it is not enough that the radio button backlight turns on, it can also switch day / night mode (display backlight)

    3. Connecting the reversing camera

    + 12V after reversing light to the CAR BACK connector. And the signal cable from the camera should be connected to CCD AV-IN.

    4. Watching video

    If the message about the inability to watch video materials while driving is displayed, connect -12V after the handbrake control or to bypass the protection completely, short-circuit the ground to the BRAKE CONTROL connector.

    5. Connecting the steering wheel control

    Two KEY1 and KEY2 cables come out of the radio, additionally you have to lead the ground wire from the radio marked GND. The buttons are programmed from the radio level on the basis of appropriate resistance. If a separate cube comes out of the steering wheel, it is possible that the easiest way will be to buy, e.g. allegro, a ready adapter for steering from the steering wheel. Then the seller should ask about the connection scheme of such an adapter.

    6. Updating maps on the radio

    Update Instructions:

    1. Delete everything on the memory card with the old navigation program.

    2. Download https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8ZKFXLHXGr...pSMkJybzVrQ25ZWmthZHNKZkszNEJIYjZlZm9UVnNPdFk

    3. Unzip the downloaded EUROPA.zip file

    4. Copy to the memory card and place in the radio in the slot marked "GPS"

    5. Go to path settings and select the path with program navator.exe


    First, enable USB debugging. Sample video here:


    Then after connecting the radio and pressing "Mobile connect" in the main menu

    the device should be connected to the phone (accept the notification on the phone) and a QR code should be displayed for scanning with the phone (you need to download such a reader from GOOGLE PLAY if you do not have one on your phone). Under the QR code there is a link to download the software to the phone. The phone must therefore be connected to the internet. After installing the software, everything should work. We plug in the rear USB.

    8. Updating the Bin software and folder


    9. The path to AutoMapa

    If there is a problem when setting the path to the AutoMapa EU.exe file (after switching from the map to other functions of the radio (FM radio, reversing camera etc.) and trying to return to navigation, the program freezes and only a black screen is displayed) The path should be set to a file wceAm.exe then AutoMapa works the same as other navigation programs.

    10. Logo change

    1. Please enter the settings (small gear under the clock).

    2. Then go to the bottom and click "About device".

    3. Then click on "Restore Settings ...".

    4. Enter 3711.

    5. Click Other (bottom left corner).

    6. Click the down arrow.

    7. For the Logo option, choose Enable.

    8. Save the settings by clicking SAVE at the top of the screen.

    9. Restart the radio.

    10. The code to change the startup logo is 8888.