Best Free Antivirus Program 2021: Comodo vs. Others, Geekbuddy Issue & Recommendations

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    Trends are changing, I've seen some old info about anti-virus programs (but some old topics and I don't know how it is now) which is currently the best. Must be free. I use Comodo and block something there, but it sends me messages about Geekbuddy all the time and I don't know if it's good. What would you recommend to me?
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    A good paid, powerful antivirus program with shipping costs around PLN 200 for 3 computers and a 2-year license. 1 computer / 1 year is about 34 PLN. It is less than PLN 3 a month. 10 groszy daily.

    I had a few free antivirus programs and something was always wrong.

    I do it, I collect two more candidates and buy a license for 2-3 years. I think you can save PLN 70 and enjoy what the program is created for. Free programs usually have a catch, because you know that it's free for nothing.

    Another thing that even the best and the most effective antivirus program would be, and you approve loading a dangerous site that you want to block, or allow the infected file to run, you get into trouble at your own request and no anti-virus will help.
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    I have been using "360 Total Security" for a year and works well on win 7.
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    I recommend Kaspersky Free PL. @Morgotheron
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    Several free:
    Avast! Free Antivirus 2017.
    Kaspersky Free.
    Microsoft Security Essentials 2017.
    Comodo AntiVirus.
    Avira Free Antivirus.
    Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition.
    AVG AntiVirus Free 2017.
    Ad-Aware Antivirus Free.
    I use Norton Security, if you gather 4 users, the subscription for 5 PCs is digestible and sensible, the second thing is full control over what you do on the web, free versions are stripped down and promptly switch to the paid version.
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    Today I bought the mentioned program for 3 computers, 2 years (1 year + 1 year for free) for PLN 129 for the most extensive program of this manufacturer. Less than 22 PLN / comp / year.
    BOX version in a well-known commercial network.
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    I personally use Windows Defender and I am very happy with it. My computer works great, it's virus-free, and the antivirus itself doesn't burden the system. If you think of a different solution, I also recommend Baidu Antyvirus, I use it on several computers, including XP and 8.1, does not display senseless prompts every now and then, has a lot of protection functions and more, it also protects your computer from unwanted software well and, like Microsoft's solution, does not burden the system too much.