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Polystar 4K UHD Android TV - Which Firmware to Download?

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    I have a China Android TV. The board is TP.HV553.PC821 (I opened the TV and saw this number on the board after watching different YT videos),

    The fault is that is hags on the Wisdom SHare screen, doesn't go past that screen.
    I have read that I need to update the firmware with a flash drive. I have over 10 years of experience in a firmware update in mobile phone repairs, so I know about firmware updating and I am 100% sure I know the process of firmware updating using USB (and the file inside of it).

    What I need to understand here is WHICH FIRMWARE SHOULD I DOWNLOAD?

    The TP.HV553.PC821 has much firmware as I can see from the search, so I am confused about which to download.

    My TV is a 4K UHD 50 inches (Brand name is Polystar - a China OEM brand sold in Nigeria)