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    In the near future I have to choose the equipment for my new kitchen (fridge, dishwasher, oven, gas hob, hood) - everything for installation. So far, I have a 12-year-old Bosch equipment at home and I have not had any major problems with it. Now I'm wondering what is best to buy and I got interested in the Ariston offer, specifically its Hotpoint models. They are reasonably priced, if you look at the number of features, they outperform virtually any competitor in their price range. I just don't really know about their quality. When you read reviews on various forums, nobody recommends the Ariston brand (I don't know how the Hotpoint series is related to it). Is it really such a weak brand? How does it compare to, for example, the recommended Elektrolux? I deliberately do not mention Bosch, Siemens because it is a different price range.
    I personally chose such products:
    Did I do right, or should I rather look for something from other brands?
    The budget is limited.
    Thank you and best regards.
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    Hello, for Ariston and Hotpoint products, you can buy a 5-year manufacturer's warranty for PLN 179 and sleep well, I recommend it. Regards .
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    But where to buy - from the manufacturer? Because you probably don't mean this pseudo-insurance in euro rtv agd. Any link to this offer?
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    grzegorzhel1 wrote:
    for Ariston and Hotpoint products, you can buy a 5-year manufacturer's warranty for PLN 179 and sleep well, I recommend it.
    And every few months, call the service and wait for weeks for it to appear and repair it, and in the meantime wash it by hand? I would not call it a peaceful sleep, and if the refrigerator or the record will rain, it will be even worse :twisted:
    However, Electrolux products fail less frequently than Ariston products. Italian household appliances only look nice (you need to encourage the customer with something), I advise against Italian.
    Sefko1, did you consider Gorenje? The price-quality relationship is good, and in terms of quality, better than Ariston, in my opinion.
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    All in all, I forgot about Gorenje. I had such a refrigerator right after my studies and it was used for 6 years without any problems. Then I sold it. Unfortunately, products of this brand are less available in stores. Maybe you have some interesting offers from this company.
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    Hello, each aristona warranty card contains a detailed procedure for extending up to 5 years, payment at the post office PLN 179 and sending it home. Regards .
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    I want to make a few comments about the ARISTON brand or washing machine.
    I have been using the HOTPOINT washing machine for 10 months - ARISTON AQSF 109. I was persuaded to buy by my sister who has been using ARISTON for 15 years. At the time of purchase, i.e. 15 years ago, it was a real exotic in Poland.
    15 years of intensive work (3 children raised), sometimes washing twice a day. BALANCE SHEET - 0 faults until today, when I sit at the washing machine (placed in the kitchen), I can't hear it working, it's so quiet. My washing machine is also very quiet, if it wasn't for the water overflowing in the washing machine, I would have the impression that it is not working. That's why (knock on) I'm very happy with it.
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    I join the positives about Ariston. These are extremely solid appliances (or at least a washing machine), so due to its massive appearance, it works better in larger apartments. I do not know what the matter with parts looks like, but fortunately, the washing machine often does not break down, i.e. for 3 years my sister has not broken down :) Washes reliably and has many functions.
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    Give a wide berth!!! - this equipment only looks nice.
    If he's so great, why did they change their name from Ariston to Hotpoint Ariston ?? Indesit group bought Hotpoint more than ten years ago, they used the name only now, because the Ariston brand has become sufficiently popular.
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    Avoid refrigerators from this company!
    Model MBA 3832 breaks down, electronics burn out.
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    jankurt wrote:
    ... has been using ARISTON for 15 years ............ 15 years of intensive work (3 children raised), sometimes washing twice a day. BALANCE SHEET - 0 faults until today .......

    Do not compare the equipment from years ago with the one produced now, because it does not make any sense.
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    Post above written in 2009. I bought an INDESIT (ARISTON) IDE 45 dishwasher in 2009 and it works flawlessly. So I think today's equipment can also be trouble-free, at least ARISTON-INDESIT. And my ARISTON AT 84 washing machine is 10 years old and also trouble-free.
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    kaltron wrote:
    Give a wide berth!!! - this equipment only looks nice.
    If he's so great, why did they change their name from Ariston to Hotpoint Ariston ?? Indesit group bought Hotpoint more than ten years ago, they used the name only now, because the Ariston brand has become sufficiently popular.

    As I read the frustrated owners of a great Bosch, which is falling apart, has 4 functions for the price of normal household appliances and costs about a thousand PLN more, I am beginning to feel sorry for you!

    If you have no experience on your own, then do not comment. I have the equipment of the above brand and I will never buy it again. I ignore the fact that it looks like a product made 30 years ago, it is still durable or functional, only the legend has remained !!!

    Of course, I agree with the opinion, do not compare 10 years ago to the present product.

    Ariston - ridiculed, Italian, cheesy and what I have not read here yet, it comes, it freezes for a few years and I will gladly buy it again.

    beats on the head and neck, manufacturer of grinders, screwdrivers and other saws.

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    I can also only say positively about Hotpoint.
    I have had some of the equipment for about 2 years ... I replaced some of them a month ago.
    The last purchase is a dishwasher that was mentioned by a colleague above:
    I am really satisfied with the quality of washing and work culture.
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    On the occasion of the topic, I will ask about the dishwasher: Hotpoint-Ariston ELTF 11M121 C EU whether it is worth buying. I have all the Aristona equipment and today the dishwasher has died (10 years of washing).
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    Bought, used for 2 weeks, so far it's a fairy tale, quiet, great washes. Beke I had from a seller who offered Bosch some super silence 49dB, this one has 41.
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    How does your dishwasher signal remaining time / end of work?
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    Completion is signaled by sounds, and the display "blinks" after the end of the cycle.
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    How much did you give for 11h121eu ?? Now it's hard to buy it for PLN 1450 (total purchase cost). I am considering the LFTA + 41164A - it did quite well in the pro-test foundation test. (how do I have access to this test). Last week she was in Saturn for PLN 999 and normally the price is PLN 1,200. It was compared to the Bosch SMI-50M75EP and although Bosch was declared to be quieter, experts assessed it as a louder device for PLN 1600 - Bosch slightly more energy-efficient, but according to It's better for me to buy a 5-year Hotpoint guarantee from the manufacturer for PLN 199 and from March PLN 299.
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    My friend, could I ask you for this test of prosthetics? Someone in the family is faced with buying a new dishwasher, and this information may be helpful for them ;)
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    It is enough to buy access for a few zlotys.
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    I just have to buy a washing machine and I am wondering about the manufacturer, and because I found this thread in my search, I decided to warn any amateurs of Italian products. My current washing machine (ariston) started to rust during the warranty period, unfortunately the warranty does not cover this type of damage. Before buying, I suggest checking the warranty conditions and the availability and prices of spare parts.
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    The warranty may not be valid, but the non-compliance of the goods with the contract is possible. And the contract (act) is that the product is to be free from defects for 24 months
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    at least you are not buying BEKO
    the refrigerator was to be A + 480KWh / year
    and there is syphilis 700 KWh / year
    they cheat on energy efficiency and I would like to point out that they are used in accordance with the instructions in the ECO program
    the service decided that everything was fine
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    What's the problem? Have you read for what conditions is this wear? Refrigerator full or empty, etc.
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    Phantom colleague82 is right. I am always amused when a Pole wants to buy as cheap as possible and wants to have equipment that will be free to maintain. That is not possible. The parameters are usually given in laboratory conditions and will fluctuate one way or the other depending on how the device is used. Maybe the washing machine should not take water either, but it should wash well because it is a washing machine ...? People, this is equipment, only made by humans !!!!

    PS energy consumption in the refrigerator depends on how often you open it, how often you add goods to it and what temperature is in the room in which it is set.
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    It's been 1.5 years since I have a HotPoint dishwasher and I praise it. She is silent. Does he think? It all depends on how the dishes are placed, how dirty and burnt they are. Does it leave streaks? When I have salt and rinse aid poured in, it's OK. It irritates me a bit that when I put in a clean glass, I cannot increase the amount of rinse aid dispensed (model ltf 11h132).
    I mainly use one program, i.e. the first. ECO :)
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    Gentlemen, I have a dilemma when it comes to choosing a free-standing kitchen.

    Overall, I've read quite a lot of flattery about the Electroluxes, though the main objection to their kitchen is that the oven has a completely out of calibration temperature control. So probably the problem is that we will set, for example, 150 degrees with the knob, and in practice it will be either 130 or 170.

    The topic, however, concerns Hotpoint-Ariston products, so I have a question.

    Whether to choose:

    Hotpoint-Ariston HT5GM4AF C (OW) EE


    Elektrolux EKK54550OX

    Has anyone dealt with these kitchens?