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Where is the best to decode VIN - Audi

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    If you already provide some vin, it would probably be appropriate to also include the brand and model.

    Nobody has a glass ball. A bit of logical thinking.
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    Mercedes specialist
    Ikslamod wrote:
    Please decode it

    We also welcome you to our forum :)
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    When you come to someone, you will also get inside without a good morning and in mud shoes?

    It is not a question of slyness, but of personal culture and thinking.

    Seems to be too much for some.


    As I wrote back a few posts:

    I will write it again, one last time! posts without a given vehicle brand and model will not be taken into account at all, as well as people with one post who only logged in to get info from vin. Also, PLEASE DO NOT WRITE ME A PW MESSAGE ASKING TO DECODE YOUR VIN. !
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    Audi Q5 2.0 TDi looking for any info about this vehicle:
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    Chassis number WAUZZZFY0J2090672
    Audi Q5 qu model. 2.0 TDI
    Date of production 10/11/2017
    2018 model year
    commercial type FYBBFY
    Engine code DETA
    SUX gear code
    axle drive number 7A
    Equipment EI
    roof color H1
    Color code for the mats
    external color / color number H1 / X7L

    Special version E0A No action version
    Lockable wheel bolts 1PD Wheel bolts with anti-theft lock
    Car class differentiation
    aggregates / parts of the platform 7IJ Differentiation of car classes -FY0-
    7MM exhaust gas standard EU6 plus exhaust gas standard
    Towing hitch 1D8 Installation for towing hitch
    airbag 4UF driver and passenger airbags with
    the possibility of deactivating the passenger airbag
    QE1 storage box package 1 shelf kit
    Adjusting the exterior mirrors 6XD exterior mirror, electr. adjustable and heated
    Extended Warranty EA0 No extended warranty
    Left exterior mirror 5SL Left exterior mirror, aspherical
    Elements emitting sound outside GM0 No external sound emitted
    Right outside mirror 6TS Right outside mirror, aspherical
    large field of view
    0K0 alternative driveline Without alternative driveline
    Drive type 1X1 four-wheel drive
    Video / DVD / Notebook 9WC "multimedia" connector without "Multimedia"
    Trim options A9D Accessory 2
    6K9 braking distance system pre sense city with pre care
    Rear brake version 1KF Rear disc brakes
    J0P batteries 580 A (105 Ah) battery
    Front Brake Version 1LG Front Disc Brakes
    Components with a special surface of 6FA Components without any special coating
    cup holder 4M3 cup holder
    A set of components according to the spec.
    country-specific building regulations B0A Component kit without specific
    country-specific building regulations
    car tools and jack 1S1 car tools and jack
    0VV owner's manuals Car book in Swedish
    Charisma 2H9 Drive select
    Supplements ABE C05 Operating approval, supplement
    CO2 version 0C0 Standard
    Connect 1 IT3 package With connect 3 package
    Connect 4 IW3 eCall & bCall package
    Damping / dampers, 1BV chassis Springs / dampers, sports chassis
    Roof rail / roof load bracket 3S1 roof rail, silver
    Roof kit / folding roof 3FA full roof
    Decorative foils / emblems 6F1 Emblems
    Cartridge for refueling unleaded petrol /
    fuel type 2G5 Filler neck module 1 without insert
    input stage QT5 without threshold stage
    Anti-theft 7AA electronic immobilizer
    5TG inserts, decorative elements, brushed aluminum
    Sill moldings VT5 Sill moldings in the door cutouts
    parking sensors 7X2 Front and rear parking signals
    Extended security system 7W3 With extended security system
    (PreCrash Basic and back)
    Electrical connector for external
    UE4 devices Electrical connector for external devices,
    AUX-IN and USB
    Differentiation of the 0FA production flow Standard production flow
    6A0 fire extinguisher without a fire extinguisher
    Chassis suspension 1P0 Standard suspension
    Pedestrian protection system VL1 Pedestrian protection system extended
    VF1 Pedal Unit Pedal Lever Mechanism
    Low beam on 8K1 daytime running light switch
    Parking brake UH2 Parking brake
    Car tracking system 7G0 No installation to VTS
    (Vehicle-Tracing System)
    Car specifications F0A Not a special car, standard version
    Alarm system VY0 Without alarm system
    9G2 alternators 100-150 amp alternator
    Types of 0G7 tiptronic gearboxes / gearshift mechanisms
    Rear axle weight class 0YG Weight category 7
    only assembly control, none
    demand forecasts
    Front axle weight class 0JF Front axle weight class
    Weight category 6
    Base engine TD1 4-cylinder 2.0l diesel 04L.C
    Luggage compartment cover 3U4 Luggage compartment cover
    cruise control 8T8 auto distance keeping z
    speed limiter and "follow to stop" system
    remote control for open VC0 garage without garage door opener
    G1D Gearbox Specifications 7-speed automatic gearbox, 4WD
    rear axle GH4 Rear axle gear with the possibility of its disconnection
    Rear guard 6V1 Rear guard (ECE)
    Producer A51 Audi AG
    rear spoiler 5J3 roof spoiler
    Headlining 6NQ Standard headlining
    Rear seats 3NS rear seat / backrest, split, foldable
    with center armrest
    Heating-air conditioning system 9AK Climatronic with controlled recirculation control
    air quality sensor "CFC free.
    Headlamp 8IT main headlamps - LED
    Projection onto the windshield KS0 No projection onto the windshield
    Individual assembly FC0 No individual assembly
    U5A instrument clusters Instrument cluster, indication in KM / H
    Safety interior mirror 4L6 Automatic dimming interior mirror
    Body shapes K4H Closed body
    Camera / Gap sensor QK1 With multi-function camera
    Floor covering 6SS Floor covering
    Fuel tank capacity 0M5 Fuel tanks
    child safety device 4H5 protection against unintentional start-up, electr.
    Climate zones 0Y3 Cold zones
    Compass / road sign display QR9 With road sign recognition
    Seat ventilation / seat with massage function 4D0 seat without ventilation and massage
    GB1 Amplifier Amplifier version 1
    5ZF headrests Front headrests
    Fuel tank filling quantity 1Z2 Larger first series fuel filling
    Tire categories A60 Category 0
    0F3 fuel systems. Fuel system - diesel
    Body work 5C0 No specific body work
    front child seat mount 3G4 front child seat mount
    Camera systems / KA2 ambient sensors With reversing camera system (version 2)
    refrigerant KK3 Refrigerant R1234YF
    number plate bracket, front 6W0 Without front license plate bracket
    Paint maintenance coating / 5K4 transport hitch transport cover
    with additional transport protection
    Rear trunk floor 3GN variable trunk floor
    QQ2 lighting package With additional lighting (interior lighting)
    NJ0 charging station Without charging station
    Country group FU0 Country group A
    ES0 charging socket Without charging socket
    Steering assignment L0L left-hand drive version
    Steering system QZ7 Power assisted steering
    8G4 Matrix-Beam Light Assistant
    EV0 charging cable Without charging cable
    Charging Cable With 73A Industrial Plug Without Charging Cable (Industrial Plug)
    corner protection 2P2 Stainless steel load edge protector
    Lumbar support in the backrests 7P1 Electric lumbar adjustment in the front backrests
    2PF steering wheels Sports multi-function leather steering wheel
    Left-hand / right-hand traffic AV1 Right-hand traffic (like in Poland)
    Speaker assembly 8RM 8 speakers (passive)
    2C5 steering column systems. Steering column, axially and vertically adjustable
    Leather accessories 7HA Without leather trim
    Headlamp range adjustment 8Q3 automatic headlamp adjustment
    Versions FM0 Basic equipment version
    Multifunction display / car computer 9S8 multifunction indicators / on-board computer "FPK"
    8Z5 engine cooling not for "hot" countries
    Engine type IX2 diesel engine
    Engine Specifications DE5 4 cylinder turbo diesel engine
    2.0 l / 140 KW (4V), TDI Common-Rail
    Base engine: TD1 / TR1 / T5S / T6F
    Navigation system 7UG Navigation device High
    EL3 online services Online service, OCU-free, with coding
    Head Unit, without immobilizer software
    Steps on facelift GP0 Cars without special
    increasing the value of the product
    Audi Sport / Quattro GmbH FQ0 Wheels Series
    Quality class AQ0 Series quality
    C2T wheels 8J x 19 alloy rims
    I8H Radio High (Gen2) receivers
    Smoking / non-smoking version 9JA non-smoking version
    Region code for radio ER1 Region code "ECE" for radio
    tire pressure control 7K1 tire pressure control
    tires HN0 Tires 235/55 R19 101W
    V0A tire suppliers Tires without a specific brand
    Spare wheel / tire repair kit 1G8 Tire repair kit
    PCM Package of city support systems
    PCN Package of route assistance systems
    PNQ System MMI Navigation plus with MMI touch
    PTT Fuel tank 70 liters with extra
    24-l-AdBlue tank
    WAX 3 Evolutionspaket
    WSC 4 S line selection
    WSI 1 Proline
    YEA 0 Proline Edition
    Side airbag 4X4 side airbag front and rear,
    with head safety pillow
    Gear lever knob / grip 7F9 gear shift knob - plastic / leather
    Collect in person / special control A00 No collection in person
    Special 2KA stickers / signs. Stickers / signs, Swedish-English
    Rear combination lamps 8SP Rear lamp combination with LED technology
    Additional SCR tank FK2 With additional SCR tank (24 l)
    Tailgate closing mechanism /
    rear covers 4E0 unlocking the rear cover from the outside
    Service interval indication QI6 Indication of inspection interval 30,000 km or 2 years
    Bumpers 2K7 reinforced bumper
    Car access systems 2F0 Without car access systems
    9P6 seat belt control system seat belt buckle with warning contact
    N2R seat upholstery leather seat upholstery
    Seat adjustment 3L3 manual height adjustment of the front seat
    seat heating 4A3 Heated front seats,
    separate regulation
    Safety certificates 0LE With special plates / stickers
    safety certificate for Sweden
    Start-stop / recuperation system 7L8 start / stop system with recuperation system
    Horns 8Y1 two-tone signal
    5XK sun shades Driver side sun shades
    and the front passenger
    Lane change / lane keeping assistant 7Y1 lane change assistant
    Lane Keep Assist / Traffic Jam Assist 6I1 Lane Departure Warning System 'LDW'
    Glass side and back 4KC side and rear glass with thermal protection
    Sun blind for the rear / side window 3Y0 without sun blind
    Development, serial / pre-series production FA0 Development - serial production
    headlight cleaning system 8X1 headlight cleaning system
    Switching on the periodic operation of the wipers /
    rain and light sensor 8N6 switch for wipers with adjustable breaks
    with light / rain sensor
    special activities related to the registration of the 3M3 version of the passenger car
    set of subtitles 0NB Set of subtitles in the basic version
    Locking doors and covers 4I7 central locking "Keyless-Go"
    without Safe
    Type-checking country / countries with specials
    requirements B07 Country of type inspection Sweden
    Radio remote control frequency 5D1 Carrier frequency 433.92 to 434.42 MHz
    3CX Partition Wall Mesh Partition Wall
    Transport lock NT1 Transport lock (version 2)
    TV reception / digital radio reception QV0 without TV reception / digital radio reception
    Built-in parts for the engine (drive) 1VG Built-in parts for a 4-cylinder engine
    Type plate 1EX Special EC type plate
    passenger cars M1
    Type symbol 2Z0 Model designation, none
    First-aid kit / warning triangle 1T3 First-aid kit with warning triangle
    Front seats Q1D Sports front seats
    Telefon / Telematik 9ZE Telefon Komfort
    Maintenance contract EW0 No maintenance contract
    Heat accumulator / auxiliary heating 7E0 Without heat accumulator / auxiliary heating
    windshield 4GF windshield (athermic-laminated glass)
    Additional tires (winter) 2WA No additional tires
    floor mats 0TD front and rear mats
    decorative strips 4ZB decorative strips chrome
    Child seat additional attachment 3B3 child seat anchorage points
    Ignition switch / switch lock
    ignition / electronic steering column lock 0RC Ignition switch lock
    Central electrical system VH0 Standard electrical system
    auxiliary heating 9M9 parking heater serv. by radio
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    @ oktawian89 you helped me a lot, thank you. The seller insists that production 2018 turned out to be production 2017 model 2018.

    You will embrace this one: audi q5 WAUZZZFY7J2176836
  • oktawian89
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    Chassis number WAUZZZFY7J2176836
    Audi Q5 qu model. 2.0 TDI
    Production date 04/26/2018
    2018 model year
    commercial type FYBBFY
    Engine code DETA
    SUX gear code
    axle drive number 7A
    Equipment EI
    roof color L5
    Color code for the mats
    external color / color number L5 / Z7G
  • gylorm
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    @ Octavian one more request from me

    Audi Q5 WAUZZZ8R3DA057214
  • bertold18
    Level 17  
    WaUzzz8dzsa150587 Audi A4B5 1.8 without turbo sedan black
    I would like to ask you to decode the vin
  • oktawian89
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    gylorm wrote:
    @ Octavian one more request from me

    Audi Q5 WAUZZZ8R3DA057214

    Chassis number WAUZZZ8R3DA057214
    Audi Q5 qu model. 2.0 TDI
    Production date 21.01.2013
    2013 model year
    commercial type 8RB0MY
    CGLC engine code
    NKJ gear code
    axle drive number 7A
    Accessories QF
    roof color L8
    Color code for the mats
    external color / color number L8 / Z9Y
  • lukashb
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    I recommend Partslink to everyone - it's worth paying but I haven't found a better service. From what I see, Octavian uses this website ;) but sometimes it's hard to find something, even in Opel ;) best regards
  • mczelej
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    I would like to declare VIN number for the Audi A6 C7 2011 year 3.0 TFSI 300KM:
  • szuman8
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    Oktawian89 one more request from me ....

    Audi A8 4.2 v8 1998 vin WAUZZZ4DZWN009947
  • zaximi
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    Hello. Please decode VIN number, VW Golf 4:
  • oktawian89
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    Chassis number WVWZZZ1JZ2D013709
    Golf 1.6 model
    Date of production: June 5, 2001
    Model year 2002
    commercial type 1J12E4
    AZD engine code
    ERT gear code
    axle drive number 5S
    Accessory 18
    roof color C7
    Color code for the mats
    external color / color number C7 / LC5M
  • kammad80
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    Hello Oktawian89. Yes, I read post # 95, but at this point you are my best option anyway.
    They did not work out at ASO, maybe you have better methods to get the paint code?
    Audi a6c5 WAUZZZ4BZYN118750.
    I would be very grateful for your help.
  • Arek2662
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    Hello everyone.
    I would like to ask you to decode the VIN number.
    Audi A3 8P
    VIN: WAUZZZ8P25A108864
    Mainly I mean the paint code.
    Thank you in advance if anyone helps.
  • kammad80
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    And okay, no longer important. It turned out that the whole car was repainted with some non-original paint,
    So all these cheat codes are broken.
  • mtomus
    Level 2  
    I would ask for help in decoding.
    Audi A5 8T WAUZZZ8T3FA054442
    Thank you in advance.

    Added after 3 [minutes]:

    Oh, now I read that the minimum is to have a few posts.
    If this helps, I will write that I have been registered on the forum for several years but I am not an active user.
    Thanks in advance if anyone helps.
  • oktawian89
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    Christmas are.

    Chassis number WAUZZZ8T3FA054442
    Audi A5 Sportback model
    quattro 2.0
    Production date 21/03/2015
    2015 model year
    commercial type 8TA0AY
    CNCD engine code
    PJW gear code
    axle drive number 7A
    Equipment FZ
    roof color 1R
    Color code for the mats
    external color / color number 1R / LZ7L
  • mtomus
    Level 2  
    thanks octavian89
    are you able to include the equipment list as in # 98?
    I would like to confirm if it has proximity sensors on the front
  • Arek_M3
    Level 11  
    I am asking for help in decoding vin
    Audi A3 1.6
    important to me is the engine and gearbox code (new car, i.e. 10 years and 120,000 km without timing replacement)

    I would like to buy such a car, but in the vin decoder I get deasel instead of 1.6 gasoline that is in this car.

    thank you in advance for your help
  • buska1982
    Level 10  
    Hello, could anyone decode this wine, I mean more about the box code WAUZZZ4BZXN092177.
    Thank you in advance.
  • zi0m
    Level 9  
    Also, I would ask for vin discharge.
    Wauzzz4e75n006795 Audi A8 D3 3.0 tdi
  • Schabik10
    Level 11  
    I would like to decode Vin number: WAUZZZ8E62A107257 Audi A4 B6 2.4 Q
  • faustks
    Level 1  
    I would also ask you to decode the Audi A3 8P Sportback 2.0TDi WAUZZZ8P58B015772