Asus x54hr AMI Bios Ver. 202 Update programem AfuWin

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    Asus X54HR laptop. It does not detect the battery at all, not even a new, freshly bought one :-) . I think the problem is the old BIOS version American Megatrends Ver. 201. The manufacturer's website has the latest version 205. The problem is that to update the BIOS with the Asus website you need to have a battery connected (> 20%), and I want to do it on the power supply itself. I downloaded the AMI ROM Tool - AFUWINx64 from the ami.com website. I need help flashing the BIOS as I don't want to erase the CD. I am enclosing the Program AMIBIOS_an...tility.zip Download (15.36 MB) and manual AFUWINx...pdf Download (435.72 kB) .pdf

    Please help.

    However, I was wrong. It's not Bios's fault. After unscrewing the laptop, it turned out that it was the fault of the power socket, i.e. '111022 * K3'. I have a question, are these 5 pins on one side and 1 pin on the other side of the motherboard -> power sockets, can I somehow clean / clean (from this 'something' ugly in the photo) ??? and solder again? (will an ordinary tin solder work). It seems to me that the socket is working ... At least if I was wrong, would I be able to buy somewhere ??. I am attaching photos, apart from the power socket, the plate seems to be working.
    Maybe someone had a similar problem?

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    What is a tin soldering iron?
    Transformer or resistive, or maybe hot air?

    You can, but be careful with the board, it can be multi-layered, so don't overheat it, don't pour solder on the other side, etc.
    Use a suction device or copper tape to remove excess flux or tin.
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    Thank you for your response. Could you tell me how / what to clean these pins before soldering ???
    Of course, I have a resistance soldering iron :-P
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    Only the original battery helped with this BIOS update. I consider the topic closed.