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Scania r 420 - Scania errors

maxtor1234 6180 11
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    Level 12  
    Please read errors in Scania. Thanks in advance.

    BMS 2794
    EMS 5635
    GMS 11050
    iCL 1280
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    Level 22  
    EMS 5635 - radiator fan error
    Fault :P the speed of the radiator fan deviates from the speed set by the control unit.

    - Error in the fan clutch.
    - Too little or no oil in the fan clutch.
    - The oil viscosity in the fan clutch has changed.

    Notes: The fan clutch is not working properly, reducing cooling capacity. Driving at high power for a long time is not possible.

    Corrective Actions:
    Check the fan clutch, you should feel a slight resistance when turning the fan by hand. If the fan can be turned freely, the clutch is damaged and also check that there is no oil leakage from the fan clutch. Oil leakage indicates clutch failure.
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    Level 12  
    There is a possibility that the oil changed viscosity due to frost.

    Added after 5 [hours] 32 [minutes]:

    And the rest of the errors are from what?
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    Nobody can read this?
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    I have a problem with Scania R 2010 opticruse, the car threw even gears while driving, the gearbox was checked half-gears, the whole set. new, seals. Now the car sometimes loses gears, that is, I want to switch, for example, from 3 to 4 while stationary, it appears that it waits for the gear to switch, the box switches, but it will return to 3 or throw out errors, gms14081, gms14061.
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    From the EMS error 5635 (as Cobrat described to you) there is a problem with the fan, there is too little or no oil or the viscosity of the oil has changed. Turn the fan (by hand), if you feel resistance, that's OK. if there is no resistance, replace the clutch.
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    The fan has resistance.
    I don't want to clutter the forum with new topics and I have some bugs so I'll write them here
    Ems 11176 11182 4106 4108 5635.

    Thanks in advance
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    maxtor1234 wrote:
    The fan has resistance.

    Ems 11176 11182 4106 4108 5635.

    Thanks in advance

    Give buddy the EMS driver number
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    EMS 11176 is a NOx Control Info Code and cannot be cleared, but will disappear by itself if inactive for 400 days.As more precisely it indicates exhaust emission fault codes, the control unit has generated faults in the SCR system. EMS 11182; this code indicates that the control unit has detected fault codes related to the monitoring of the NOx level.
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    So if I have the same problem, I have to wait 400 days, the indicator light will disappear and the message about high exhaust emissions
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    Do not wait, just look for the cause, connect the computer and check the system.
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    Level 3  
    All errors you provide result from damage to the engine controller. PLN 1200 repair and all errors have disappeared. I was tired for over 3 months exchanging everything for errors and they did not disappear