vordon ht-869v2 problems connecting the phone and choosing a logo

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    Hello, I am looking for help I have recently bought the radio but I have a few questions. I changed the memory card from the automapa and can not connect to the phone, I connect the pendrives without a problem reading it and the phone does not see before everything the password whether it has some impact or the radio and the second question I can not set the logo unfortunately has no option on my radio maybe I searched them all
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    I also bought this radio and I have exactly the same situation with the inability to choose the car's brand logo. There is no such option.

    As for the phone, I do not connect at all. I do not know if the case of Android 6.0 does not exceed the capabilities of this radio. Nowhere can I find instructions or a description of which options on the phone to connect to make MirrorLink work. The on-screen instruction manual is inadequate to the options on the phone. Information on the net about this radio as a medicine, only fake reviews in stores and price comparison websites.
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    The menu with the choice of the car's logo is blocked - you have to unlock it

    vordon ht-869v2 problems connecting the phone and choosing a logo vordon ht-869v2 problems connecting the phone and choosing a logo

    From the main menu, choose Settings (icon under the clock) -> About device -> Restore settings ... -> enter PIN 3711 -> Others -> Logo option switch to Enable -> SAVE
    In addition, you can also turn off unused items in Menu and medium wave (MW) on the radio:
    Information about the device -> Restore set ... -> enter PIN 3711-> Radio -> MW band with MW1 / 2 switch to NO -> SAVE
    We turn off the ignition, wait a moment. All settings are deleted.
    Settings (icon under the clock) -> Boot logo -> PIN 8888 -> choose the car logo -> Update.
    We turn off the ignition, wait a moment. We start with the car's logo but after choosing the car's logo, you can not return to the Vordon factory logo (unless from the SD card). We set the language, FM stations, time, etc. again

    MirrorLink works - at least with Huawei Honor8 or Xiaomi redmi 3s (Chinese always "catch up" with Chinese :) )
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    Hello. I also have a problem with mirrorlinek.
    I set the USB debugging in the phone settings, etc. As it appears on the radio instructions.
    But it does not copy the image from the phone. I have HTC desire 820.
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    Today I fought the same problem - the solution is banal:
    - We enable debugging via usb
    - The usb mode is set to only loading
    - Please mark the application via USB

    Testing on LG k10 and HTC desire 820 -oba managed to connect.
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    Buddy Manikowski, and you tried something more when connecting a mirrorlink? i have szajsunga6 and for folk china i can't connect it with vordon on mirrorlink ..