Mercedes-Benz radio code - How to enter numbers on the radio 6-9

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    Hello. I bought a fresh Mercedes w210 4.3 with a blocked radio. I have saved the code for the radio on the card, but there are numbers above it, and I do not know how to enter them. I do not know the radio model but leave it in the attachment
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    The code is entered using the buttons as follows: 1 digit of the code, button No. 1 click as many times as the first digit of the code, eg 7 is seven times, analogous to the other digits of the code.
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    For me, entering the code works using the numbers on the right. Unfortunately, they are only up to six and I do not know how to enter the number 9
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    You enter the number number by turning the knob on the left side. At the end you accept by holding the arrow in the "right". Next to the artur
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    For me it does not work because digits are entered by pressing numbers to the right. And accepting by pressing the "knob"
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    Car audio specialist
    Your radio is Blaupunkt BP4902. In this model there is a 5-digit code consisting of numbers from 1 to 6
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    @ XChudy54x. Colleagues are good at you, but the picture in # 1 shows that you have to wait (WAIT) so that you can enter the correct code.
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    I gave the radio to decode so it was a matter of closing (I did not want to dismantle the radio and risk snatching hooks etc.). Thanks for the help!