Youtube on old Smart TV - is there any trick? :)

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    Hi, did you think that after Google withdrew yotube support on older TVs, you think there is some clever way to use the youtube application on older TVs?
    If someone is not in the subject, then: link
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    Probably the most convenient to buy an androidbox or rasberry pi 3 with kodi on board.

    I use rasberry and thanks to HDMI-CEC I have control over kodi using the remote control with TV.
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    I wonder why youtube does somehow work in your tv browser and the application itself has been degraded? Unfortunately, the browser is on katorga.
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    Admittedly, the old subject, but the current problem. Here's the solution, I did it as described and working. It does not look like an old app, but it works and that's the most important thing. Checked on Samsung UE40EH5300
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    Will it work on the Samsung B series produced in 2009?
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    I do not know, I checked on UE40EH5300, because I have one.
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    przemneu wrote:
    is there a smart way to use the youtube application on older TV?

    Yes, there is a clever way to restore the YouTube app, I just discovered it recently :) I noticed the disappearance of the YouTube application in December, when I wanted to watch a video from this site on a larger screen, unfortunately, despite the search I was unable to find a solution. I recently came back to trying to solve this problem, I tried various tricks that dealt with this problem, but the solutions were not very satisfying. Finally, after many hours of searching, I was able to find a solution on a foreign side, thanks to which I can enjoy the YouTube application on our older TV sets as in the good old days. I have recorded a short tutorial on this subject:

    I know that I was a little late with this guide and many people have already been able to waste money on additional equipment, but if you have not done so already, you have the chance to save yourself unnecessary expense.
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    Thanks a lot for this instructional video. Finally, I have access to You Tube on my old TV. Because the browser was tragic about it. She stopped as if Armageddon was about to come. best regards
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    And what can Samsung B series users do to achieve the same effect?