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Samsung WW70J5346FX - The new washing machine does not spin well and does not al

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    Washing machine Samsung ECO Bubble model WW70J5346FX

    Problem. The washing machine enters the spin mode (6 minutes) turns the drum and drains the water (5 minutes) but this spinning continues and lasts and lasts as if it would hang for 4 minutes because this 4 minute lasts over seven minutes. Then the spin quickly jumps at the highest speed and as soon as it manages to accelerate well it is immediately the end of spinning. The effect is that despite 1200 turns, which in my opinion lasts too short, the washing is poorly spun.
    It happens every third, fourth wash that spinning does not turn on at all.
    The drum turns, speeds up a bit but does not spin.
    On the second day I was very surprised when my wife took out the laundry from which liquid water was flowing.
    Today my wife took out the wet laundry again and then set on the spin itself to get rid of the water, the washing machine spun and drained the water but the spin did not start at all, which prompted me to write on the electrode.
    This is too much, a washing machine for two thousand and washing with water on the balcony. :evil:
    "Quick Wash 15 minutes" program modified to 40 degrees, three rinses, spin 1200, total 42 minutes.
    Then I made a trial, put one big wet bath towel in it and turned on the spin. After fifteen minutes of washing machine attempts to spin, I lost my patience and turned off the probram, the towel was not spun.
    I note that when connecting a new washing machine, calibration was done.

    In another similar topic I read that someone threw in too little laundry and could not arrange evenly so the washing machine gave up spinning.
    For me, the amount of laundry does not matter, sometimes it is more or less less, sometimes it spins sometimes and sometimes only a little. It seems to me unlikely that the washing machine will not spin because it cannot arrange the load evenly. I do not see any dependence, sometimes it spreads out nicely and does not spin and sometimes it rotates even though the drum jumps significantly. He sees a defect here until the end of the wash, which stops in place. In my old washing machine I would call it a programmer.
    No error displayed (I read about UE unbalance error)

    The washing machine is of course warranted, but before I submit I want to ask here, I would not like someone from the site to say that he does not see a defect and this type has it.
    I would be grateful if someone experienced in the topic or someone with a similar problem could comment.
    Where is the problem, what do you suggest when reporting a fault?

    I upload a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYR5fpvT9uQ&feature=youtu.be
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    h jaworski
    Home appliances specialist
    The washing machine usually does not spin because it either sees water in the drum (here you need to check if it is missing and if the hydrostat works well) or when it cannot distribute the laundry well with all its problems and these can be different except washing, e.g. loose belt bad working engine or tacho.
    I would start with the water in the drum as at the end of the washing does not spin I open the door I check if there is no water as there is no spin setting and check if there is spinning as it is checking how long it takes for the drum to break from water because it may not be too long spin.
    Still 1 not all programs have the same intensive spin because on delicate programs spinning is usually much weaker.
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    Thank you for your response. There is certainly no water because you can hear it from the sound of the pump. I bet more on some disadvantage or that I can't arrange the laundry evenly. You can clearly see how spins she arranges and none of it. But without exaggeration, it's not a pharmacy to balance it.
    I will test for longer programs.
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    h jaworski
    Home appliances specialist
    Check how long it takes to empty the drum without washing, because too long it is also a problem max 2 min.
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    Today, the washing machine was testing my patience again. The spin test lasted 18 minutes.
    What ECO is it if for 15 minutes the washing machine unnecessarily turns and sucks water?
    The charge is a sheet, three towels, two T-shirts, three pairs of panties. The volume was half a drum.
    Annoyed by this situation, I came across something like this.
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    I'm not a professional, but a regular user, but I think the washing machine has problems balancing the load, at least in the video you attached. In my opinion, he shouldn't be telepicking with him. And how does the washing machine behave when washing without load? Maybe that would give some answer.
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    h jaworski
    Home appliances specialist
    I asked in the post # 4 (12.08) how long does it take to empty the drum from water and have not received any answer. Colleague help is that we offer you what to check and possibly how you check you are answering and we already know something. However, due to the fact that he doesn't get any answer, I finish this topic.
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    Usually the question sentence has a question mark at the end and I haven't seen it. You suggested to check how long it takes to empty the drum from water and I did it, but it takes a very short time, just over 30 seconds and it seems to me that this is not a problem.
    I tend to have a problem with balancing the load.
    h jaworski thank you for your help, don't be offended ?