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Renault Magnum 480 Dxi - Automatic no gear error Mid130 Psid15 Fmi5

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    Hello, help please, the car is on the road and during driving a Mid130 Psid15 Fmi5 error was given. No gear could be engaged. After switching off the engine and restarting puts in 1 gear and sometimes shifts to 2 and higher does not want. I read that it is a broken solenoid valve for cylinder 2. Where to look for this? Is it one of the 9 coils under the lid of the box? I am asking for quick hints
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    Thanks for the materials, the car is unloaded in France, is there any way to engage higher gears, some emergency mode for a ride down to the workshop?

    Added after 7 [minutes]:

    Which of these diagrams is the external solenoid valve exactly?
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    In the figure it is 2. As for the safe mode, unfortunately Renault does not have this option. In the manual there is only a description of the safe mode when the selector is disconnected or damaged, and it sounds like this:
    The gearbox can be moved to neutral by applying the handbrake.
    In AUTOMATIC mode, it is possible to engage the starting ratio by releasing the parking brake and then pressing the brake pedal.

    So rather for the reunion to the nearest workshop it is prepared.