www.cda.pl Website Issues: 404 Not Found Error, Layout Problems, Video Playback on Windows 10

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    For several days I have a problem with the website www.cda.pl. It opens in a minimal layout, when I try to run any movie I have a message: 404 not found: the given video was not found. I would blame it on some of their server problems and wait, but on my daughter's computer, it's nice. on both computers is Windows 10. I tried Chrome and Firefox browsers. I was scanning HitMan Pro for pests, cleaning the CCleaner system, disabling the antivirus but it did not do anything. Every other site works normally, the problem is only in cda. Will anyone help me?
    www.cda.pl Website Issues: 404 Not Found Error, Layout Problems, Video Playback on Windows 10Screenshot... 02.05.jpg Download (117.27 kB)
    www.cda.pl Website Issues: 404 Not Found Error, Layout Problems, Video Playback on Windows 10Screenshot.. 02.jpg Download (103.38 kB)
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    1. Close other cards.
    2. Clear the browser cache.
    3. Update your browser.
    4. Turn off AdBlock.

    What effect?
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    Nothing, it did not change. I did it both in Chrome and Firefox.
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    Install the Pale Moon browser - after entering the address of the page from the image, he started right away. (A song about a wild boar.) I was also writing to EDGE and Firefox, it just went on and on. After re-enabling EDGE and Firefox browsers I received a message to enable Flash Player - I did it and now it is playing correctly. Try Pale Moon - he started right away. I will add that I have different ad blockers connected and works. The system is W10 Home.
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    Closing other cards will not do anything.
    Clearing the browser cache - maybe, but I doubt it.
    Browser update - doubts.
    Adblock - possible, but I doubt it too.
    I bet that you have added to some strange list address.
    Do you use Opera - like on other browsers? The fact that you turned it on was ok. But give info what happened - not found?
    Smash the FRST proforma. Give results.
    CCCleaner is such a powder for the pimple, I have not used HitMan. I write based on my own experience, I can be wrong.
    I do not use operas - indigestion for me.
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    Pale Moon walks correctly. Firefox and Chrome lime. In Firefox, it is the same as in Chrome: 404 not found. But for the daughters of the laptop, both Chrome and Firefox correctly open the cda.
    I'm throwing the FRST report.
    Additi..txt Download (50.04 kB)
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    lufa9999 wrote:
    I'm throwing the FRST report.

    The FRST.txt file you need.
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    Open a notebook and paste the content:

    FF HKLM-x32 \ ... \ Firefox \ Extensions: [{F003DA68-8256-4b37-A6C4-350FA04494DF}] - C: \ Program Files \ Logitech \ SetPointP \ LogiSmoothFirefoxExt => not found
    S3 BcastDVRUserService_25eb1; C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ svchost.exe [51288 2018-04-12] (Microsoft Corporation)
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    Nothing helped unfortunately ...
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    I did it. Both in Firefox and chrome. In Chrome unchanged, continue the same problem, and in Firefox did it, it opens the page correctly.
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    In Chrome, log in to your account and sync settings from it? If so, delete the synchronization data from the account and once again the profile from the disk.

    Check also after uninstalling Eset.