Huawei P10 Lite - TouchID does not work

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    The fingerprint scanner has stopped working in P10 lite. He just disappeared from the settings menu.

    I have rewritten the new tape connecting the touch panel to the motherboard and the new fingerprint reader and in both cases no effect.

    Since the new reader with the new tape does not work, the problem probably lies in the motherboard?

    Of course, I tried hard reset etc. - no effect.

    Thanks in advance for suggestions
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    Didn't you get the update?
    In mate 10 lite, the fingerprint option has disappeared and the face unlock option appears.
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    Yes, I have the latest update
    I unplugged the touchid from the motherboard I changed tapes and tried on a new reader and nothing.
    I did the hard reset every time I changed the tape or reader
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    hello I repeat the question I have the same problem
    no icon in the settings when you restart the phone, the face unlock option appears
    which wasn't there before