xiaomi redmi 5 plus doesn't fully charge and turns off for no reason

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    Hello, I have a problem with a xiaomi redmi 5 plus 4/64 phone, the phone does not charge until the end usually stops at 97% but this number can change although it does not fall below 90%. The second problem is that the phone can turn off for no reason (usually with a lower battery percentage) and cannot be turned on until it is connected to charging.
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    The second symptom suggests a battery.
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    I was able to charge the phone to 100% by method
    after charging to the max, disconnect the phone from charging and turn it on
    plug it in again for charging
    charge to the max
    turn off and recharge to the max
    and up to 100%
    As for turning it off, I discovered that it does it with 30% battery and after turning it on 0%, besides, the phone withstands less as much battery as it should, so the full battery cycle closed between 30 and 100%
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    Do you want to suggest that the phone with which you need to make such circuses can be considered functional?
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    And what does this add to the topic that you had to write it?
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    As for self-deactivation, remove the clapper at the back and press the battery connector. Recently, I had several pieces of this model where such circuses happened to clients. It was enough to plug in and unfasten.
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    The problem of spontaneous shutdown is solved, there is also a problem with the fact that the device turns off at 30% ...