Philips 40PFH4509/88 - Nand flash Philips 40PFH4509/88

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    I have Philips turn ups with logo and stays like that. Tried to put software with usb stick but nothing.

    Does anyone have nand file?

    Model : 40PFH4509/88
    Chasis : TPM 14.1E LA
    Mainboard ; 715G6165-M01-000-005X

    Thanx :)
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    Just put the file in the pen and the device is resolved? You must have the file with the extension .pkg and with the lcd off enter the pen and press and hold the power button while turning on the lcd power, wait for the stand-by led to start flashing to stop pressing the button power on and wait for the equipment to start up
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    Unfortunatelly nothing 😐

    Led starts to blink, usb flashing for a minute or two and stops 😐

    Thanx for trying to help Aquario_blue 🍻
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    Is the file extension you are using .PKG?
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    Yes....from this post : https://www.elektroda.pl/rtvforum/viewtopic.php?p=17893969#17893969.

    With file collector made one file *.pkg
    It started software install and so on but it stops....usb stick stops flashing (no reading any more)....waited for 20-30 minutes...no progress....tried with other stick....nothing

    Tried few solutions but nothing. I returned TV.

    Thanx for help but it looks like its major problem 😐
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    Tomorrow I will try to take off the recovery file from philips site and then put it on the site