Electric Scooter Selection: Regulations, Worth & Recommendations for Summer Riding

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    I am thinking of buying an electric scooter for the summer.
    What does it look like with the regulations now, is it still worth being interested in or is it better to ride a bike?
    If someone already has it, he could recommend something or express opinions that should not be taken into account.
    Thanks in advance for your answers.
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    On this channel you should find the right one for your requirements:

    Personally, I bet on the bike.
    Happy New Year.
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    It depends on the price range you are targeting.
    There are scooters for PLN 1,000 and there are also for 10,000
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    Robert-81 wrote:
    Depends on the price range you are targeting.
    There are scooters for PLN 1000 and there are also for PLN 10,000

    I am looking for one, up to a maximum of PLN 2,000
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    I have a xiaomi m365 and for such a price it is probably the best option when I bought it cost something around PLN 1600 now you will find a few hundred cheaper.
    It is not some speed demon, but it does the trick.
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    Maybe write something about the requirements?
    * Who will be driving? (child, adult, how many kg)
    * Where will it drive (asphalt, pavements, gravel, day / night)
    * What is important for the rider (speed, charging range, comfort, taking shopping, etc.)

    here anyone can recommend their scooter to you, but that's not the point.
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    I have a scooter from Velex. Their adult scooter model Velex L810 allows me to quickly move around the city (up to 35 km / h). I tested the 10 Ah battery range and managed to do 50 km. In addition, it is comfortable to ride thanks to the front suspension and inflatable wheels. It's worth the repair for 2.5 thousand.
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    A 10Ah battery and 50km on a scooter, it can be assumed that the user weighed a maximum of 55 kg.
    I have a Vsett 9+ 48V 21Ah which gives approximately 1000Wh with my weight of 90kg, the average range from several trips around Tychy and Katowice is 34 km.
    For example my wife weighing much less than I am doing at this revelation of 50km range.

    It should be added that we are driving with a limit of up to 25 km / h after unlocking at an average speed of 35 km / h, it can drop by 30%
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    MES1401J - Scooter electric scooter My best choice :D
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    I can give a recommendation for manta flinston ii :)
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    Hey, I, for example, can recommend the Manta scooter. My son is older now and bought himself a young rider model, and the battery really lasted.
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    However, I am adding the xrider 10 model :)