Termet Ecocondens Gold Plus 24kW - what is the temperature in the boiler

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    I have just changed from the old smoke to the Termet Ecocondens Gold Plus 24kW condensing gas boiler. For heating 160m2, a mixed system - radiators-floor heating, a system with a hydraulic coupler + DHW. There are 2 families living in the house - the ground floor and a separate floor. I don't have a room regulator or a weather forecast. The radiators work on their own pump (2 floors), the floor heating on its own. The service technician set the boiler on the 55-degree supply. I set the floor on the mixer at 30 degrees. Outside, positive temperatures, the boiler was still working at low speed but it did not turn off, the burner icon was constantly on and the gas consumption was over 10m3 per day. Heaters twisted on thermostats for 2.5, very lukewarm and that's enough because it's warm at home, and in my opinion, consumption is high, and there was no frost. I'm afraid of what will happen when the frosts will be? I lowered the supply temperature on the boiler to a minimum of 40 degrees, the boiler turns off at 45 degrees and turns on at 35, quite often, but consumption has dropped significantly. It is known that when the frosts come, it will be necessary to increase the temperature on the supply. Let someone tell me if I did the right thing by reducing the temperature on the boiler, because why should the boiler maintain the temperature of 55 if there is no heat reception by the radiators and the boiler was burning gas all the time.
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    I would advise you to install a weather forecast, I also heat the building with a 160 m gas boiler 25 kW, but I only have heaters, and now if you want to have heat at home, you use about 8-9.5 m of gas. I was also thinking about installing the weatherproof and after installing it, I am happy with its operation, the boiler power is reduced to 12 kW and it is good. Why should you think and run to the boiler and set the flow temperature, if you set the appropriate heating curve, it will control the temperature, after all, the controller and the external sensor are not that expensive.