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Flash for JVC LT48C570 required

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    Model: JVC LT48C570
    Chassis (main board, components): T.MS3463S.711
    LCD Screen/Panel (if exist): LSC480 HN08-8

    This is a Badged JVC for Currys's and PC World, modle not listed on JVC site.

    Dead set with LED lighting, all voltages are correct and 'hash free' including the voltage converter on the main board. I suspect firmware corruption.

    One peculair thing seems to happen, sometimes the LED will flash just once after one minute producing a click from the speakers. The LED backlight's are OK as tested on a LED tester.

    Does anyone know where to get the firmware, Curry's are no help and JVC don't want to know since they don't list the model.

    Thanks, Dave
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    is there a spiflash in UF1 position? or not?
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    No it's blank, thanks for your reply. Dave
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    I can't access the dump at the moment, I ought to get a dump reader, a necessity these day's.

    UF1 Spi chip position is empty and uses a big nand chip underneath..... underside the main boared is marked-:
    PO No: 2010028801
    P/N: 515Y35634M01
    Des: T.MS3463S.711
    SW: 20170810_220838.... would this be the software version?
    I posted this info in case it threw any light?