How is everyone managing their photos and card storage?

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    Coming from an a6000 to an A7iv really opened my eyes in terms of how *inadequate* my current workflow is for managing my photos and storage space. I just finished a few days of bird photography with compressed RAW + JPEG, and I already filled up my 64GB card.

    It's not that I'm running out of space -- I have an Unraid storage server for *backup* -- but it means that I have to actively empty my SD card every couple of days which is really inconvenient for me. Yes, the compressed RAWs are that big.

    What's everyone's strategy here? Do you keep every single photo or do you aggressively cull your shots? Do you purchase the largest SD card possible to push back emptying the SD card to more convenient times?
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    My method is to rip photos as often as possible. The card is not a reliable medium, so it is only for the camera. Later, the photos are stored on hard drives.
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    I have a slightly different approach. Now you take thousands of photos and you don't go back to them.
    However, to come back, at the end of the year we do a review and print a photo album. There are such services and they are not expensive.

    And the photos are on the PC and the backup disk anyway.
    I do not store on the card or pendrive. Too many such media have already failed me.
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    In January I always choose the most important photos for me and make prints. 860 pcs for 2020-2021.
    I do not keep on any media.