MSI Wind U100 Laptop: System Behaving as if Ctrl Key Constantly Pressed, External Keyboard Tested

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    Hello. Hardware: MSI Wind U100. I have the following problem: the laptop has been idle for about a month. A strange thing happens the last time you turn it on. The system behaves as if the ctrl key was pressed all the time. I gave the topic to the software site because I disconnected the keyboard and the problem keeps repeating (e.g. when clicking on the desktop icons, they are marked as if the ctrl key was held). I tried to connect an external keyboard (USB) but still the same.

    I am asking for help and best regards.
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    In my opinion, it is the shift key rather than ctrl. Check if this key (SHIFT) is not jammed and CTRL and Lock.

    Perhaps a recently installed program caused a conflict or you have caught some unwanted pests. Hijakthis log attached.

    type in run ... osk and test how the virtual keyboard behaves

    Check with a good antivirus e.g. online
    as a last resort, whether restoring the system to the recently created point will do something.

    Maybe it's a mouse problem / try with a different mouse. or reinstalling the driver
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    I'm afraid it feels like a CTRL (in notepad, h opens a swap dialog, s writes options, f looks for).
    My friend has msi U130 (netbook on Atom N450) and the problem is the same. Temporary solution is 3 kings and clicking cancel (Win7). From that moment the keys start working - until the next restart ... I turned on the key press signal and at the start something clicks all the time (probably the unfortunate Ctrl), after some time it goes silent, but only alt + ctrl + del unlocks it (probably software ' that).
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    hp pavilion 1120ew laptop - the same problem. After being turned on, the computer behaves as if it had ctrl on all the time. This procedure helps me: I click both controls a few times and then run CC Cleaner. I don't need to clean the registry - just starting the program works - sometimes the first time, sometimes I have to do it several times. It also happens that the problem repeats itself during work. Then I run procedures ;) and I can work again.

    Does anyone know what's going on?
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    Manolek, unfortunately the hp's have that. These are the signs that it is falling apart. In the near future, you may break the space key and power cable / plug / socket, and soon also the trackpad ...
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    Problem solved. The problem turned out to be the keyboard, after replacing it, everything works fine.
    The cause was probably a small amount of water poured on the keyboard and there must be something in the contacts.
    For all those who have this problem, I recommend buying (60-a few zlotys) and replacing (a small screwdriver and 15 minutes of time) the keyboard.