12V 200Ah Battery Life with 12V/230V 800W/1600W Converter at 500W Load: Charge/Discharge Cycles

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    Hello, I would like to ask for information or a method of calculating how many hours a 12v 200Ah battery connected to a 12V / 230V 800W / 1600W converter is loaded with continuous operation with a maximum power of 500W. And how many such discharge and charge cycles will such a battery last? The battery is new. I need to power a small shop and I do not have a very different solution. The generator is too loud. I know that there was a similar topic on the forum, but I think I made a mistake in the calculations, because when I counted according to the answers from that topic, it only lasts 2 hours.
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    Let's count it roughly. 200Ah, i.e. 1h> 200A, 2h> 100A, 4h> 50A. 500W / 12V = 41.6 A. So it turns out about 4 hours. Not taking into account the losses.
    That's theoretically it comes out. Knowing the practice, I would count on 2 to 3 hours.
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    One should only pay attention whether the converter has no protection against battery discharge. Because then it will detach much faster. Preferably max. load the system and measure the actual current consumed - because you have not provided all the information about the DC / AC converter you are using and then, without exaggerating your calculations, use the proportions given by your colleague above.
    But without counting it, it should be able to withstand 3-3h20m without any problems
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    If you use an acid battery, it should not be discharged to zero because then it loses its capacity quickly.
    Do you want to bring the battery to the store every day? (bring in, take out). Connected to the outside in the current frost, it will not have full capacity.

    Maybe if you gave what is hidden under the 500W, maybe we could find a different solution.
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    The efficiency of the converter is still at stake? Solar panels are the best solution in my opinion.
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    What will be powered?
    Maybe the inverter can be omitted?