Utilizing Condensed Water from Room Air Conditioner for Flower Watering: Automatic Dispenser System

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    Is the water condensed from the air in the air conditioning suitable for watering the flowers and is there any system that will take the water from the small free-standing air-conditioning in the room and water the flowers with it? Emptying the tank from small air-conditioning units is a pain, as is watering the flowers, or is there a system that will combine the two?

    There are dispensers on the Internet that automatically water the flowers using the osmosis method, the cost of 2 pcs is PLN 9 how to connect it to the tank from the air conditioning, including the climate, the flowers will be watered immediately.
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    Water condensed from the air, which is what? So rainwater, right? So it is suitable, because sometimes it rains from the sky, watering what grows. If you pour this water into the tank, why not. How to pour it, it's probably some kind of pump, no? And probably some sensor, a switch that will do that when the water gets to the right level, right?