Ariston VELIS 80 - What are the costs of using this boiler?

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    Ariston VELIS 80
    Can someone comment on this boiler?
    Are the operating costs lower than older type boilers?
    What are the real costs of using this boiler for a family of 3?

    I have been looking for opinions on this boiler for a long time and unfortunately "google" is silent ....

    PS, can the boiler, not necessarily this one, be connected to the DHW system, boiler, etc.? Can such a thing be realized at all?

    Link to the manufacturer's website Ariston VELIS 80

    Ariston VELIS 80 - What are the costs of using this boiler?
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    Grzegorz Siemienowicz
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    The operating costs will be ....... higher :D .
    The function of temporarily not heating the water can also be implemented in other heaters.
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    The manufacturer uses the same power of the heater for the entire series of these 1500W boilers, the time needed to heat up to 60 degrees 3 hours. You have to be prepared for his work for about 4.5 - 6 hours a day. Kitchen consumption plus bathroom. According to calculations that 25 liters of water at 60 degrees Celsius is enough for one person, it should be enough for you. As for me, I used to have a 60l boiler. with a family of three, there were quarrels in the evenings whether to wash the dishes or bathe. I bought AEG Comfort 100l. in promotion. I do not regret good insulation gives a nice profit. What is most interesting, the power consumption is at the same level. 100l. it heats up less often and my old one 60l. she walked almost 12 hours a day. Ariston certainly looks very nice, but is it durable? Italian appliances have a beautiful design, but I would not bet on them. If you are lucky it comes from 8 years as bad luck will fall after the warranty. Regards.

    Added after 4 [minutes]:

    Ps. as for connecting to the central unit, forget it. Better to buy a second coil and use the boiler alternately in summer, electricity in winter.
    It is the same with the timer. If you cool the water too much, the counter will flicker like a circular saw. It is better to reheat than to heat from scratch.
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    I am also interested in the comparison to heating water with a Junkers gas furnace.
    I calculated that with the daily use of 5.5 hours of Ariston with 1500W heater power (let it be at 100% power at that time), it is 255kWh per month, which on average at 65-70 groszes per kWh gives us about PLN 170.
    I will not count the Junkers so easily because you have to divide the gas consumption with the gas stove ...
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    If you use the shower more often and the bathtub is filled sporadically, it will certainly be cheaper to use the Junkers. For a family of three, 19.2 kW would be enough. It is quite an economical unit and the main advantage is that it works when you need it. There was something like this before in a forum and the responses weren't going in the direction of one side or the other. In my opinion, it all depends on the operating / hour of the device, the use of hot water and the amount of consumption. The gas stove can be well controlled, add a gas detection sensor and you can enjoy the convenience it gives. I would switch to such a system myself, unfortunately there is no gas pipeline next to my property.


    Ps you have such a cost conversion calculator here.
    It may come in handy
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    abracadabra1977 wrote:
    I am also interested in the comparison to heating water with a Junkers gas furnace.
    I calculated ...

    What you have calculated shows that you use over 3000kwh annually for heating domestic hot water; adding "lighting and others" (2000kwh) - it comes out 5000kwh / year, that is
    PLN 300 / month. And that's probably not true, hopefully your bills are lower.
    I have used the Junkers in the bathroom for several years: 4-5 showers daily (2 of them women), and it comes under 200m? per year, I suppose is little more than your gas stove consumes. Take your gas bill and count how much you earn by throwing away the electric boiler. In addition to flow heaters, gas boilers are available for sale.
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    By the way, the Velis has two tanks, a 1500W heater in the output tank and a 1000W heater on the input side, about 70% of the heating time is the 1000W heater.
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    I have had this model for two years, it works in a vertical position.
    With two people, monthly electricity bills are around PLN 100, most of which is generated by the boiler. It seems to me that it is not bad.
    My model has a 50L tank, it is enough for two people.
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    Good morning,
    Can someone answer the question: is it really
    the minimum temperature on the Velis / Velis plus boiler is 40 degrees C?
    The ideal would be the ability to set 30 degrees C.
    I looked at the catalog data and for both Velis and Velis Plus (they differ
    the type of control panel) and everywhere they say that min. temperature
    it's 40st.C, too much for everyday use for me (too hot for
    washing children's hands) another bath / shower.
    Nobody can give me an authoritative answer (including Ariston's website),
    so I would be grateful for your help.
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    The temperature of 40 degrees is the minimum setting for this boiler and it is not too high water temperature even for a small child. By the way, the water temperature of 40 degrees Celsius is dangerous due to the growth of legionella bacteria, and the lower the temperature is even more so.
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    Thank you very much for the information, I wanted a message from someone who
    is using this boiler.
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    Higher temperature is enough from time to time just to kill the bacteria.
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    That's right, but you have to remember that the water should be heated to a temperature above 70 degrees every two weeks.
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    I've had this crap for 3.5 years.
    During this time:
    Electronics fell - they exchanged
    Electronics collapsed - heating up until the water filter housings in the kitchen (15 m away) burst and flooded the entire riser to the basement - they replaced the electronics.
    It dissolved after about 1.5 years - they replaced the whole tank with a new one, it turned out that the tank was damned
    Now he started to heat less - I thought he was stony so I will take it apart and clean the sensor tubes.
    In fact, the stone and muck are amazing - well, the fault of such water is not a different one, although I have a 1 um filter at the entrance to the boiler, so there is no question of contamination.
    But when I dismantled it, one of the tanks on the welds corrodes beautifully ... 20 months after assembly.

    The warranty on the tank is probably 7 years, so they will probably exchange it for a new one without hesitation .. But what if in 1.5 years it will be the same again
    Enameled tanks, but probably in India ...

    Unfortunately, the classic cylindrical boiler is not available - no space in the bathroom
    This one was chosen because only such was placed with us.

    I will add that the neighbors have the same - also after replacing all the electronics.
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    I've been using it for 1.5 months. Two adults. Auto mode all the time (except for "manual" moments I heat the water to 43C before filling the bathtub). The cost of PLN 80 per month (version 80l). No problems so far. We will see what's next - even if it is an emergency equipment, there is no other equipment of similar capacity and size (unless someone has found something similar = small).
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    I have been using the Ariston Velis 80 L boiler for some time, it is turned on all the time at 50 degrees and there are two people living in the apartment. I am concerned about electricity bills, about 200 zlotys per month, I suppose they are mainly generated by the boiler. We use warmer water rather normally, i.e. an evening shower and hand washing dishes during the day. Is this the normal bill for a boiler like this? Is it possible to somehow reduce it, e.g. to use such a boiler more economically?
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    How do I remove the flap of the bottom cover?
    I unscrewed the two screws and she is holding tight
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    Hello! I am one month after installing Steibel Eltron PSH 80 L UNIVERSAL. The old Ariston 80 l is a gulf compared to this, it can work in three modes: single tariff, double tariff and boiler. Full power to 3 kw or 2.6 kw. The rest can be read on the Steibl website. This is the 3rd device of this company for me, I have 2 electric stoves 3 kw and 2 kw. No problem for years.