HP DV6-2030ez: No Display, Caps Lock LED Blinks Twice, BIOS Checked & Reflashed, Need Correct File

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    cichy lis
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    the disc does not display any content, it only flashes twice.
    The bios has been checked - i.e. it was possible to rip it and record it again on the system - with the programmer.
    Nevertheless, I am asking for a good batch (the one from HP had a strange size after unpacking with exe)
    Also, I am asking for other tips.

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    Reacting to the Bios Recovery attempt?
    The electrode has a bios input for this series (with an AMD processor).
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    cichy lis
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    I uploaded the batch from this post. the charging indicator lights up when the batteries are inserted.
    After firing, no image caps is lit all the time. fan speed max.

    I am renewing my request for a batch.

    Added after 38 [minutes]:

    I have a batch :) He fired up :) unfortunately I have to continue with Enter to start the computer.
    No information DMI- anyone knows the patent?
    How can I share something batch.
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    cichy lis
    Level 28  
    It went :D
    It flashes like new :D
    Why are these bios falling in these HP ??

    Thanks for helping everyone :D