TOSHIBA Satellite L755-13J - "the firmware has detected that a cmos battery

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    My problem is the lack of settings for the BIOS.
    After pulling the battery out for a few minutes, the BIOS logo and menu with F2 will appear when you turn on the laptop. After pressing F2 I get the message "the firmware has detected that a cmos battery failure occurred" after which a flashing cursor appears.
    I checked the batteries on another laptop and it's working.

    Please for suggestions, advice on how to remove this problem

    Greetings and Wesolych Swiat I wish You all
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    The latter, if it appears after removing the battery, is normal (finally the battery removed is no battery / low voltage, etc.). Unless you write about a laptop battery and not a cmos. Exactly - what voltage does the CMOS battery have?
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    Reprogram the bone.
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    ... he writes about removing the battery for a few minutes and restarting the laptop after putting it back in. The battery has a voltage of 3.08V

    Added after 22 [minutes]:

    yes, it will reprogram the BIOS as soon as the ordered programmer is received.