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KPZ Waagen 52E-18 - balance calibration

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    I am asking for help in starting / calibrating the KPZ Waagen 150kg / 10g scale, it is probably the KPZ 2E06S model and probably with the KPZ 52E-18 panel.
    There are no model markings on the devices, and the distributor's offer did not find a panel identical to mine (KPZ 52E-8 is similar).
    Zero calibration was successful. The problem was that after loading the weight into the tray, the weight indicated an inflated weight which was slowly falling to the correct value. After moving the inner jumper to the Adj position. access to a menu appeared. I did not change any values there, but after the jumper returned to its place, error E1 appeared.
    I would be grateful if someone would explain to me what I can do about it.
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    Enter function F7 and check if the zero value in the plots is stable, the symptoms described indicate a damaged strain gauge, you can find a description of the settings for the new beam here


    after setting F1 you can calibrate in F0.

    Good luck
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    The problem is that I can't find the F7 function.
    After moving the jumper to the ADJ position, I have the following menu items:
    01 CbP
    02 CAL
    03 CLn
    04 CFn
    06 CGr
    After entering any position I have the value 00, which I can change.
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    A picture could be useful, because not everything can be remembered, especially if you are not sure which version of the meter you are. From what you give, you have two-point calibration (zero and range) in 02 CAL, the first one is "zero", then the form with the mass standard value from the last calibration appears, you set the value of the available standard, you put the standard load and you perform the calibration of the range.
    It should be ok, provided that the strain gauge is functional.

    If the calibration fails, send me a photo of the meter and the plate, I will see what it can be connected to - what electronics.
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    Here you are:
    KPZ Waagen 52E-18 - balance calibration KPZ Waagen 52E-18 - balance calibration

    I look forward to further guidance and thank you for your interest so far.