Battery capacity tester ZB2L3 v.2.2 - question regarding calibration.

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    Przyszedł dziś do mnie moduł ZB2L3 zamówiony na aliexpress. Bez podłączonego akumulatora, mimo zwartych zacisków układ pokazuje napięcie 60mV. Chciałem wykonać kalibrację, jednak nie bardzo rozumiem punkt 3 procedury:

    Apply USB power and simultaneously press all three buttons to enter the calibration mode and perform the following steps
    1. The first calibration step after entering the calibration displays the 0u0A; short connect both positive and negative input terminal and press the "OK" button
    2. Next, the display will show J10u; apply 10.00V DC between the input positive and negative terminal and press the "OK" button again.
    3. The display will show J2.0A; apply 2.0 A DC current between the input terminals and press the "OK" button to complete the calibration.
    If the tester determines that the calibration data is reliable, it will in turn show 4 calibration numbers after completing the procedure; otherwise it will ignore the calibration attempt, discard the data and exit the procedure.

    Mógłby ktoś objaśnić o co w tym chodzi?
    Z góry dziękuję,
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    Maybe you already know how it is for posterity :D
    Refers to point 3.
    Just as you enter 10V for calibration, you must supply 2A.
    You can easily do this, for example, using a DC / DC step down converter power supply, preferably one with V / A regulation where you set yourself to 10V and 2A.
    The ZB2L3 will pull it in for calibration.
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    That's all I know, but where will these 2A break out? You need to connect a resistor / resistors and select their value so that 2A flows at 10V?
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    OK, back to the beginning: the module is factory calibrated and that should be enough, but if you think something is wrong, you are calibrating, I didn't have to do it.
    When calibrating, the module requires a 10 V reference source first, the next step is 2 A, and that's how much you need to supply it, if you have a laboratory power supply, or other with such parameters, you can do it without a problem, you can do it for a few PLN with a DC-DC converter CV / CI (I have CN4015) In the inverter, you immediately set the lock to max. V (10) and A (2) you want to connect it, e.g. a 4 ohm resistor, normally it should be 2.5A, but since you have a 2A block, this 0.5A excess current will lose the inverter as heat.
    When calibrating ZB2L3, it "sucks in" these 10V first, in the next step it draws a current that cannot be greater than these 2 Aa, does it integrate, differentiate it and calculate it is its secret :wink: I do not know that.
    Regards :)
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