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WD MY CLOUD - Unable to map drive

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    I have a problem with the new WD My Cloud 3TB.
    I have internet from Orange, a TP link switch is connected to the router and two computers on the cable and WD MY Cloud are connected to it.
    The whole configuration is quite smooth, the software has been updated but I can't map folders (shares) on the disk.
    The Wd instruction tells you to go online and you should see the drive with public folders on it. I only have it as in the attachment. I tried to change the workgroup and name it identically to the disk but it did not work.
    I have no idea what to do with it. Maybe someone had similar problems.
    best regards
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    On some of these disks, resources are only visible to users who have permission to them. So look in resources to see if there is such an option there.

    The second problem is the name broadcasting problem. To bypass this, call this disk in Windows explorer by its IP address prefixing its address with double backslash "\\ xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx". I assume its IP is in the same class as your computer.
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    Typing IP in explorer helped :) thank you very much