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- Is it profitable to make a router from the phone and give up home internet?

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  • Level 8  
    My question sounds simple. Is it profitable to give up home internet (50GB) and make a router from a phone with unlimited internet? Will it have a very big impact when downloading files or watching movies online on a laptop?
  • Computers FAQ editor
    The phone will quickly discharge and heat up when working as a wi-fi router. We don't know what internet you have now, what connected it, what phone, so it's hard to answer your question. In general, the main purpose of the phone is a little different .....
  • Level 43  
    joga91 wrote:
    Is it profitable to give up home internet (50GB) and make a router from a phone with unlimited internet?

    Occasional use of the phone as a router OK
    But for a permanent no, you need an LTE router, multum option.
    start with this reading
  • Network and Internet specialist
    And what are these online offers? 50GB GB home from which operator, same as what is unlimited on your phone? Do you know how the latter works?
  • Level 8  
    I currently have a 50GB LTE internet package from the Plus network at home. The phone I have is iPhone 5 on the Play network. In a few months in Play'em the contract ends and for extension I wanted to take a package with unlimited internet. And this is how I wonder if it could not eliminate the home Internet. I don't know much about such matters. The fact that the phone I have very quickly heats up as long as it is used not only for purposes as a router ... The only thing I do on a laptop with the help of the Internet is watching movies (it's the most) and from time to time downloading various files and standard web browsing.
  • Network and Internet specialist
    The Plus on 3G has a 50GB limit, on LTE you should have up to 150Mbps without a funnel. What is your equipment, speed, you use 3G or LTE, if LTE is LTE800Sferii or LTE1800Aero2, what is your opinion about this network? at Play in voice offers no-limit package up to 10GB max and then 1Mb / s funnel What is the location, what range in Play, what speeds?
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    That it doesn't pay off ...