Kamen Multi Plus - how much eco-pea coal should burn

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    In the newly built building from one MAXA I put a Kamen Multi Plus 14kW furnace. The walls of the building will be insulated in spring with 12 cm thick foam polystyrene and 0.38 permeability. At the moment I have well insulated ceilings and tight 3 glazed windows. When it comes to radiators, there are 110 Fondital Master radiator fins in the whole building and 2 small dryers in the bathrooms. In addition, floor heating was distributed over 28 m2. Most installations were made on a PEX WAVIN tube. The total area of the building is about 120 m2. Can anyone help me and find out what the daily demand for eco-pea coal may be in this case? I don't know if it will help, but here is the house design link
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    There are calculators for calculating the heat demand in the building. If there is unfinished warming then you need to heat harder.
    And why do you need it, if you do more than you calculate, will you stop heating? You already have a boiler and you will not change it. Assuming low 100W / m2 insulation, you can easily warm up.
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    I need to know if my 40-50 kg per day is normal at an oven temperature of 45 degrees.
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    With such a set temperature on the boiler it will gradually increase. The minimum setting on the boiler is 60 degrees. The boiler for economical, ecological (say) and proper operation must be heated above the dew point otherwise it will tar, plant and dirty, which significantly reduces its efficiency and increases fuel consumption. Invest in your home and modernize your boiler room correctly (the boiler should provide a constant high temperature throughout the year, you regulate the heating temperature only on the installation through mixing valves) and learn how to burn properly with eco-pea coal. Good luck
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    nece616 wrote:
    I need to know if my 40-50 kg per day is normal at an oven temperature of 45 degrees.

    The boiler will burn as much as you pour fuel.

    If you want to know if you burn a little / a lot, create a notebook in which you will save the boiler settings that you will change. Then you will decide - oooo with these settings I burn little, but I have less thermal comfort :-) You will change something and burn more but it will be cozy and warm at home. Then you will not need to ask in the forum if you have good combustion because you will come to the conclusion that if someone writes that he consumes 20 kg per day, there is certainly no such temperature in the room and such thermal comfort as if he was at 40 kg / day.
    From what you write - pickle fuel at 45 degrees, so there is no effective, economical and efficient combustion. The manufacturer himself gives you a minimum of 55. All other parameters are given under certain conditions. If you change the conditions yourself (reduce the flow temperature), then no parameter is consistent with what the manufacturer gives. Do you have a 3 or 4-way valve behind the boiler at all ??

    If you think about fuel burning or gas consumption, it's a rule - someone says: "I have a gas bill PLN 2,000 / year, and the house has 160 m2, see you. Well, there is actually so much on the invoice. And the temperature you have set on the room regulator because I can see that the Lord sits in a fleece ?? No 19 day and 18 night ... "Well, everything in the subject ... And usually it turns out that" lights the fireplace occasionally "or at least 3 times in weekly + weekend is mandatory :-) But of course he says that he pays 2 thousand for heating. and trees do not count because it has its ...

    You give these 40-50 kg of fuel / day at a temperature of 17.5 degrees indoors or at 23 ?? Or maybe 25 ?? Because it's a significant difference. Peas for 530 PLN / t or 800 ?? You have a room regulator on / off. ?? PID do you have ?? You can see that there are several burning parameters, not just 45 degrees on the installation.
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    The controller is ST-480K without PIDU. The temperature on the ground floor is 14 degrees on the floor about 17. This is a new, uninhabited building. Eco-pea coal TRANS-PAL 27000 KJ / kg. at a price of about PLN 800 per ton In this case, I will turn up the temperature on the stove.
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    Euroster Serwis
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    A new home, not insulated, will always require more fuel than insulated and dried. For several years I have been servicing a similar house, slightly smaller 100 sq m, insulated with wool ~ 14 cm, double glazed windows, it is not particularly tight, but the foundations are insulated with a thick layer of foam. Down floor, up four rooms and one radiator in each. 15kW kiln for eco-pea coal oven temperature 55 degrees. Control without PID, without exhaust gas temperature sensor and the furnace itself is not a technical miracle - from mold. Hot water tank heated all the time, without control, with water flowing to the central heating system with the same temperature as it leaves the furnace. At home, a constant temperature of 21.5C is set for the whole day and burning around 7.5kg / 24h when it is positive outside, when it is colder, the combustion increases to a maximum of 15kg / 24h. Throughout the heating season, more than 1500kg of eco-pea coal was never needed. So, as you can see, much can be improved.
    The house must be insulated, you must not forget that the boiler room is supplied with outside air - coal must have access to oxygen, then set the proper operation of the blower and fuel supply, and finally some temperature regulation in the room to maintain its level relatively stable. I think you can easily reduce your coal consumption by at least half.