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What radio 2din MAX 2000 PLN -

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    I am looking for a 2din radio, necessarily with an android. The most depends on me as I mentioned on the android, and the sound quality. The radio will be plugged in under a touch. The car is A3 8L. What radios can you suggest?
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    Since I used to have a3.8l then I would recommend Clarion, who played quite as much, because the previous pioneer was really raising bass.
    If you want to make it sound good, then put Clarion and Alpinke in dependence on what will be driving.
    If you were somewhere at car audio shows, look what other people have and you can immediately see how to play and possibly set up the same, or choose something from yourself. If you want on andku, then you will give 2k zlotys for a Chinese guy who will not play well, although the Sony XAV-AX100 (cost about 1800 zlotys) is also on andku as well as on the factory radio (optional) in some cars also somehow playing.

    For Clarion, Alpine depends on whether to be navi dvd and other interesting things you pay from 1500 to even 6000 PLN

    What you will need (this is about the functions to be read by the camera, bt, night vision, cd, dvd, usb, sd, dab, tv, dvb-t, etc.)
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    The only radios that do not have this and androids have the Internet = youtube, fb, browser, here I am mainly walking
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    Forgive me but why do you facebuk on the car radio :-) , changing the radio to those with an antique sound quality is worse than in eg alphine, maybe it is better to buy a decent radio to play nicely and facebuck to carry a tablet :-) ?
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    All in all, that's right ... We're changing the assumptions:
    - it can not get stuck.
    - the ability to connect the reversing camera
    - sound quality

    As for this fb, I mainly meant youtube.

    Added after 6 [minutes]:

    Of course, navi

    Added after 46 [minutes]:

    But I am surprised that there is no radio with an android that plays well. And in these Chinese you can somehow increase the quality? send sound eg from radio to the radio with good sound via bluetooth?
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    I will tell you honestly that I liked it. It has a great option to connect the phone, through HDMI, I can buy a cheap phone used to hide it under the upholstery and permanently leave it there, I will have my Youtube :) From what I see, it does not stutter, it's not bad. And now the question. is this quality really better than a Chinese one? Speakers that I will not have yet, but will not be cheaper than 350 PLN per piece.

    Added after 8 [minutes]:

    However, it is not so cool ... I thought that the touch while connected to the phone is supported by the radio ...
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    Currently, I am looking for something from 2 din and after long thinking I am thinking about Pioneer AVH-X8800BT (PLN 2,600) or Alpine IVE-W585BT (PLN 2,400)
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    I'm going to be under the topic. I am looking for 2din radio with android so that I would have google maps as navigation. Do you recommend a proven Chinaman?
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    Go to Ali, sort by the number of bought and see what is worth taking. Feedback will tell you the truth. However, do not expect miraculous sound quality ...
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    I bought the cheapest Android radio on Aliexpress, RK-A701 for a year came but by shorting on one speaker began to problems with the processor. It is not a god of liquidity but it is suitable for music.
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    I made a CAR PC at my place, and I have everything I wanted ;)