Vordon HT-869V2 - Does not turn on the rear view camera automatically

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    I have a Vordon HT-869V2 radio, and a Vordon 4SMDPL reversing camera. When I put in reverse, nothing changes in the radio, I have to manually enter the main menu and choose AV IN - then I have a picture from the camera

    I plugged the camera straight into the reverse, then (now) through a new relay powered by plus and minus the rear low beam, at the entrance plus the backlight, at the output the camera power cable plus. Minus from the camera screwed to the trunk lid in place of other minuses. I also added a plus from the reverse to the radio to the BACK input and nothing.

    I connected the cable with the video signal in section A to pin 5 (center conductor) and pin 14 (screen).
    Can I connect the camera to CCD_VIN only where then mass (screen)?

    Is it possible to add a driver / device or change in the radio software so that after inserting the mirror the image itself appeared?
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    How can you be sure that the signal that activates the rear view camera is controlled by the plus instead of the mass?
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    On YouTube, I found information that the camera on the radio connects plus the reverse. I also for a moment under the weight and nothing
    Setting: mirror rear camera I have: yes
    Can the problem be that the camera has CMOS, and the radio input is CCD_AVIN?
    I connected the video signal from the camera + under CCD_VIN (15pin), and minus AVIN_GND (14pin) does not show anything
    + under CCD_VIN (15pin), minus AUXIN_GND (16pin) and nothing too
    + under CCD_VIN (15pin), and minus AV_IN (5pin) also nothing
    + under AV_IN (5pin), minus CCD_VIN (15pin) works, but still does not turn itself on
    + under AV_IN (5pin), and minus AVIN_GND (14pin) works, but does not turn itself on.
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    Colleagues, the problem is solved. The brown wire with the BACK sign must be connected to the plus from the backlight (eg in the threshold where it runs to the lights) and it works as it should. A camera under the CCD_VIN chinche.
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    My friend probably did not read, because he wrote the same as I wrote in the first post

    The problem was solved:

    Camera power:
    weight for the car's body (tailgate)
    plus up to + 12V at the back light cube

    Video signal from the camera:
    mass (screen) to the white socket pin 14 AVIN_GND
    Video signal (plus) to the white plug of the 15 CCD_VIN pin

    In addition to the radio you need to connect + 12V with the reversing lights (can be where plus from the camera, I connected at the fuse box, because it goes from the gearbox to the bulbs at the back) to the black socket pin 9 BACK

    The radio did not help with changing the video settings of the Reverse Video option to Yes.

    In the settings you had to go to the last options info about the device, factory settings, code 3711, others and there is a reverse camera to be yes / yes. Then save, exit to the menu and general and restore factory settings. After rebooting, the camera started to work