VW Polo 9N 2006: Front Electric Windows Not Responding - Comfort Module & Door Engine Issues

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    Hello, I would like to get information on comfort modules, this applies to the VW Polo 9N year 2006. I have a problem in the car that the front door has electric windows and the window in the front right door stopped working 2 years ago does not respond to the right window lift button door and left. So I took apart the door side, I got into the engine, I unplugged the plug and plugged it in again and when the ignition was switched on, the window operated until about (I do not know I did not measure the time) 1-2 minutes after turning the ignition off, but when I turned the ignition on again, the window did not react again to the button and I unplugged the ankle again and plugged it in again and the glass went on during this time as I described before and so over and over again. I led the mechanic to tell me that it was the comfort module's fault. I drove without the right window for two years because I didn't mind. But a month ago the left window from the driver stopped working and now it would be appropriate to fix it. I was looking for a comfort module on allegro and there are a few of these modules with the same serial numbers. What do you think is the fault of the comfort module as the mechanic said? and if I buy a second comfort module the same will it work with the equipment? Adds a photo of my module to which number I should pay attention VW Polo 9N 2006: Front Electric Windows Not Responding - Comfort Module & Door Engine Issues which is the most important one: 6Q1 937 049 D, 5WK4 8212 D there are others I3 51/05, S1S34 H16. All numbers match except I3 51/05 or date of production or something else. Thank you in advance for the hints and help Regards
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    And sometimes there is no module by the window motor ???
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    Is there a module next to the engine I replaced yesterday the comfort module left window started to work but the right without changes maybe if I swap the modules next to the engine from the left to the right I might see if the ignition will switch on again
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    Hello and how did you manage with these windows ?? I have a polo from 2006 and literally the same problem 2 years without the right pane and I had the same work once unplugged 2 minutes later it did not work again ... where can I find this comfort module? ?? Is it something else ????
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    Hello, the comfort module is located above the gas pedal on the right and what my colleague shows is the central electric module