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Tablet zawirowany / damaged - Tablet TAB-9800Q WOOD ANDROID

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    The TAB-9800Q tablet at the beginning had a lot of malware that installed itself (from outside the store) and displayed ads, downloaded iRoot and installed the program / programs for cleaning I removed infected files (without this move the tablet was awful and did not react to touch).
    Then the device turned off and you did not want to run only the android logo all the time, after an hour of waiting the black background and the navigation keys turned on and sometimes the lock screen appeared.
    Factory reset does not solve the problem!
    in the bot menu the restoration is yellow code E: fopen error / data / CustomInitLog
    Can I install the pure android here and if it is possible because it is a Chinese tablet so I can not find the original software, or other roms will give the tablet is AKAI Makes Sense TAB-9800Q Android 4.4.2 Kitkat.
    What can you do? Tablet zawirowany / damaged - Tablet TAB-9800Q WOOD ANDROID Tablet zawirowany / damaged - Tablet TAB-9800Q WOOD ANDROID
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    Moderator of GSM
    Disassemble the tablet and give markings on the disc.
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    I can not enter the download mode in the tablet (because all operations are performed in LiveSuit v1.11)
    only the recovery mode opens me.
     The keys on the tablet include volume, power, return and rear reset I tried all combinations
    Can this be done in the usb debug mode? or only the card has been left to me.
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    It is thanks to gradek83 that it is beautifully smug :-D