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Skoda fabia 1.4 mpi - goes out when stationary

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    Hello, at the beginning I would like to point out that I am a blonde and for me these topics are black magic, so I am asking for some understandable tips. I have a problem with the Skoda Fabia 1.4 mpi (2001). When parked, the revs jump until the engine finally goes out and you can start it only after turning off the lights and waiting 5-10 minutes. The candles were replaced even though they didn't look too bad. The damper was cleaned (although it looked good in my opinion too) and adapted with a vag. In the meantime, errors were popping up: 17549, 16502, 16555 (before adaptation). After the adaptation I started the car, it sounded a little better but a few seconds later the revs started jumping again. At the same time, the engine temperature indicator dropped sharply and the error 16502 popped up. Any ideas what could be causing this?
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    You have to check. Even without adaptation, it should not go out like that, by the way, a clean throttle does not mean that, for example, it is electrically fine (I do not know if there is an electric or a cable throttle, an idle valve rather there was not only a stepper motor to control the idle speed) . With this temperature - if the controller sees similarly, it can flood it with petroleum - it will stifle it hot immediately. Is it the same on the cold? Does it not release a blue cloud with the scent of unburned gasoline at the time of crazy rotation?
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    I noticed that in the morning everything is fine, only when I start the engine a few hours later does it behave like that. But I don't know if you can say that the engine is still hot after 4-8 hours of standing ... There is no blue cloud, nothing smells like gasoline. You can feel it quite strongly only when it goes out and fires up after a while, but it's probably not surprising after many attempts to start it.
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    Clean the contacts of the temperature sensor and if it does not help, the sensor to be replaced (I ended up replacing it) if there are no other errors, once again properly adapt the throttle.