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[Solved] Mazda 3 2004 - To the w Radiu Tape / Md

Kuzma98 8649 2
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    Hello, yes I know that this guide is somewhere here but I have browsed through many posts and I do not know the exact answer, How to mount Aux to the radio in Mazda 3 2004 which instead of the Media button has a Tape / md button and has a disc input, I say no I want no carkite transmitters or anything, I just want a normal sticking jack, I come across posts where people translate the radio with the tape / md button but no discs :) , Will the normal method for ordering a cube cable and connecting it not work? :) (I read that it only works on radios from 2006 where there is a media button but I have tape / md so it seems to me the same only older radio) Below is a photo of the cable I wanted to buy and a photo of my radio :) Please help!
    Mazda 3 2004 - To the w Radiu Tape / Md Mazda 3 2004 - To the w Radiu Tape / Md
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    I think in this button MD will mean media. Although it may well be a Mini Disc but a small chance :D
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    1. disassemble the radio so that it has access to the board from the drive
    2. solder the jack according to the markings L left channel, P right channel, GND ground
    3. you record 80 minutes (I had just such a disc) of silence as one song on an audio disc
    4, connect the radio and play player with your silence
    5. connect the phone, mp3, ipad what you have to jack and music on the radio from the phone