Extender TP Link RE200 WPS configuration

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    According to the instructions, press the router's WPS button, then the dedicated button on the device and the connection should be established. However, networks with the device name that are initially visible, after connecting the extender to the router, disappear from the list of available connections, and the connection is made to my network. The signal is stronger (where I had one line shows full scale), but should it work this way? Should I not connect through the created device network that requests login data?

    Router virgin media hub 3.0
    Extender tp link re200.

    I checked that the tp link works on 2.4 G and the tablet and phone show that the connection is via 5 G. On the extender, the LED with the 5G marking is off.
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    This is a WiFi extender and its basic operating mode is connecting to a home router and broadcasting (repeating) its transmission.
    The default SSID extender has disappeared, because it copied the settings from the home router. The 5G LED on the extender does not light because it hit 2.4GHz. WPS had to be pressed a second time. Due to the congestion of the 2.4GHz band, this configuration does not make sense - to the home router the extender should be connected to 5GHz.
    These are the default settings. You can set the extender to have different SSID names. You also need to connect it again - this time as it should be, i.e. at 5GHz.
    Reset the extender, stick to its GUI (preferably by cable) and set it your way.
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    So the name of the network will not change only its signal will increase?
    The question, however, is whether the extender does its job since it works at a frequency of 2.4 and the tablet shows the use of 5 G. Because despite this lines showing the strength of the network has arrived. I don't understand that.

    At the moment I turned off 5G and the lower frequency signal increased. I have a Chinese tablet that helps smartTV to be really smart, which only works in 2.4.

    One more thing. The router works simultaneously on two frequencies. Will I be able to use the 2.4 signal coming from the router by configuring the extender over a 5G cable?
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    The network signal will not increase. It will be less muffled when the extender is closer than the home router.

    As I wrote earlier, it makes no sense to connect the 2.4GHz extender because of fatal congestion and much smaller transmission capabilities in this band.
    The tablet connects to the 5GHz extender, but then you need to send this data with a much worse connection (2.4GHz) to your home router.

    This model cannot be connected to a home router in parallel on both bands. It doesn't make sense - the 2.4GHz network is overloaded anyway. Why kill her. Remember that in WLAN networks only one device can transmit at a time. If the extender supports sending and communication with clients in the same band, it has only half the resources to communicate with clients. The other half must be used for sending to a home router.
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    Well that's all clear, thanks. Most importantly, it works as it should.