Foxwell NT500 diagnostic tester

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    Hello everyone. At the beginning I have a question. Has someone purchased a powerful Foxwell NT500 diagnostic tester? I mean very much the instructions in Polish and the included photos in it also a scan of the tester in Polish. In the meantime, I bought an NT500 tester and got instructions on the disc like in Polish but when I started reading it turned out to be a real gibberish without stylistics and after reading it is not known what's going on. The salesman assured me that it will support the VW Amarok 2.0 TDI Bi Turbo with CSHA engine with power 132KW from 2015 with automatic transmission and the list in the scanner does not even have such a model. Can any of my colleagues tell me how to put it in the tester on the NT500 list? I think of the topic as development. The possibilities are big for this tester but there are no exact descriptions.
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    I have the same tester and have you learned anything about him
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    Hello. I bought some time ago this tester. For now I used it only once. To reset the meter after servis. But it's pretty handy for me VW Amarok 2.0 biturbo TDI. It's a bit complicated to burn a PDF filter but I have a cheat sheet how to do it if need be, it will do the trick. Greetings.
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    I also have this tester from today and have some questions.
    The first concerns the problem of communication, namely, with some functions such as DPFa regeneration, the lack of access message appears or do you have it anyway?
    The second one is about the DPF firing tips, please ask for this cheat sheet.

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    I greet you. And you can know from whom you kicked the tester? Because if the other hand is not surprised that you do not have instructions for burning the PDF filter. I bought it directly from the importer. I received a case of wires and instructions in Polish and separate instructions for burning a PDF filter

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    Tomorrow, I will try to scan the PDF instructions and send you
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    Can you share this instruction because I have a problem with coding the key, or a short description of how to do it, but step by step with thanks
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    Sory, I'm asking you again about this instruction if anyone would have to share it.
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    AROARO.VAG-iem Foxwell you will do coding and other procedures - similar to other VAGs and service programs. (VCDS, VAG-COM) The problem is to read the IMMO PIN code (a-WILL HAVE YOU NEEDED), and this-no-FOXWELLEM. Remotes - similar to other probands (through the comfort module) without IMMO PIN. IMMO readings are used OTHER Devices and events, programs. These - as a rule - on the GENERAL FORUM - do not give out. Poll, Friend and find.
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    I do not need to scan the immo pin but the coding of opening / closing I have two keys and both work but do not open the remote I tried to enter and encode but I ask for a channel and I do not know the channel data codes on foxwell

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    The point is for someone to share knowledge in this topic
    it was supposed to be a developmental subject, i.e. we coded the key fob so we enter this and this channel etc ... and nothing here
    Colleagues, maybe your son will in the future dig a post that will be mechanized
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    Hello, when it comes to operating instructions, adaptations and other options, the descriptions are sparse. Previously I owned Viakena and somehow made sure that it was transparent. In terms of service is ok, and the support ends in the fact that it is worth buying :)
    As of today, probably will be another Multidiag Viakena or vag vcds is more descriptions and tips of users.
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    AROARO1 wrote:
    I have the same tester and have you found out anything about it?

    Foxwell NT500 is looking for this scanner
    Hyundai software.