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    Hello I have a question.
    Does anyone know anything about Dewalt's signs and symbols? I want to buy a hammer drill and what is looking at is another designation.
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    I am asking for help or advice on what better to buy - Makita or Dewalta hammer drill? Your opinions will be helpful.

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    I have a reference to Makita and DeWalt's screwdrivers. After three years of use, the Makita screwdriver has made the head and clutch work while DeWalt is unbeatable (6 years). Of course, the NI-CD battery in DeWalt is now available for exchange.
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    First of all, specify what models you are interested in and what purpose of this equipment.
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    filip8015 wrote:
    Hello I have a question.
    Does anyone know anything about Dewalt's signs and symbols? I want to buy a hammer drill and what is looking at is another designation.

    Because they have different technical data - compare them.
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    as for the choice of Makita Dhr 243 Dewalt, I do not know Dch 243 254
    the purpose of window installation plus minor housework.

    And as for checking the symbols, the technical data is the same from what I was looking at
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    hello !!!! personally uses makite dhr 243 I had dewalta dch254 is the same class drilling with and without stroke, the function of shaking exchangeable handles, however, in my opinion the power of stroke is in the makita's advantage not to mention the strength of the battery (makita beats on dewalta !!! ) dewalt kind of handy and nicer ?? hahah drs system (dust sucking) in the makita does not change in dewalę so I did not have the general expression of spare parts and strength issue again the advantage of the makita, however, think well because the new set is quite a large expense and whether you get it back ???? the pickles are cheaper but I advise against using some source because it's the hardware that the builder kataja and does not save !!!!
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    I have been using Dewalta DCH253 for 3 years and I can confidently recommend having already drilled in various materials about 30,000 holes (I count worn packs) and one thing I will add no battery will have a long life as winter will be in the pace of a frozen car for the night just you have to take home and it's OK. I have a makita some small at 10V and by laziness last winter a couple of nights after the batteries have died. Of course, like any equipment with an SDS holder, it does not like dry and sandy drill rinsing WD40 once a few weeks and the new grease is applied on the drill and the hula equipment is nice. Diameters with which the drill is a 6-12mm range and occasional to pierce 22mm.
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    I have a DEWALTA DCF899P2 impact wrench, after half a year of use, the tool attachment end flew off.
    Warranty 3 years (theorism) rejected because the tip worn and the service paid.
    Normally, the embarrassment. It looks like the tools can not be used. That I am not advocating this brand
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    I use the Makita HR2610 hammer on 230V and recently DeWalt DCH273 18V. Both devices work perfectly. Once I also had DeWalt D25303 at 230V and there were problems with it - after a short time of work, drilling a few holes probably turned off as a result of thermal protection. She would not allow it for about two weeks! After which she acted again.
    Makita even drilled holes in concrete with a 85mm core bit drill and gave advice. It heated strongly so as it burned in hands, it cooled down.
    The thickest DeWalt 18V holes in concrete are about 30mm and there were no problems.
    Makita has an average protection of batteries - electronics blocks them after a voltage drop even if the cells are operational.

    To sum up: DeWalt OK - my favorite 18V tools. I already have 7 pieces.
    Makita OK - my favorite 230V tools. At the moment 3 items
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    Hello . Drill Dewalt DCD791P2 screwdriver price around 1200 PLN and the quality worse than lidl parkita. The battery loosely holds, the handle has a beating. For such a company I expected better quality. The equipment will go to exchange because only 4 days ago purchased.
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    Today, the decision to choose a manufacturer can be difficult. Why? I do not attribute anything to a given brand - I would just like to mention the problem. There are known cases of deliberate aging of components, equipment calculated to work properly during the warranty period, etc. The market is constantly changing, we have a flood of cheap equipment from China, which takes profits from respectable companies producing decent equipment.
    In addition, a product produced today does not necessarily have to be as durable as the same one produced years ago, so the quality lead can float between different companies. The matter is not facilitated by some problems - because it is better to buy all the tools from one company, especially the battery ones, where the same battery can be embedded in different task-specific equipment.
    My advice - follow the current opinions of a given product, because even the best brands sometimes have their mishaps and even such equipment can be terribly faulty.

    Added after 5 [minutes]:

    One more thing - here you have an interesting video material about the leading brands:
    or here:
    enjoy reading :)