[Windows 10] How do I check the password for a saved, inactive network?

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    Good day.

    How do I check the network password that I am currently not connected to and which I have saved on my computer?
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    This page shows you how to check the password for an active network. And I want to check the password for the network with which I am currently not connected, but I have a password saved to it.
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    In Windows 7, information is stored in:
    C: \ ProgramData \ Microsoft \ Wlansvc \ Profiles \ Interfaces \
    The passwords are encrypted.
    See if you have 10 in a similar way.
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    You can try this tool: http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/wireless_key.html
    It should read the password (or its equivalent in the form of 64 HEX characters).

    Due to the extraction of sensitive data, the program may be detected by some scanners as a threat, but I have used it on various machines many times and never did anything bad.