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VW Crafter 2010 - Error 4875 coolant pump 'B'

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    Hello. Patient Crafter 2010 TD 2.0. The check engine light is on and the glow plug light is flashing, no power. After connecting the vcds it showed only the 4875-ROD - Unknown Error Code, the code shows that it is an additional water pump for the exhaust gas cooler. Replacing the pump did not help the problem returns, I mention that the pump turns on so the cables are ok. Anyone know where to look for the problem? Thanks in advance for your help. pzdr
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    Level 10  
    pawcio013 and what you managed to fix the malfunction. I have the same and unfortunately the exchange for a new one did not help anything
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    Damn, I have exactly the same ... Error 4875 agr cooling emergency mode .. but the pump goes what is it?
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    so for me the situation looks as follows I replaced the pump and it was still a mistake, the customer went on a new 2 weeks and the head gasket crashed. After the exchange everything stopped, on the new pump works, and I do not know if it has any relationship
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    Thank you ... but I don't think it helps me with anything.
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    Colleagues, what did you do to get everything back to normal ...
    I have the same problem and I need a car very urgently ....
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    has anyone solved this problem?